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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur Police have put up one of those "Your Speed Is" radar gun signs on Trinity Street south of the courthouse square. I'll be running sprints by it later this afternoon. 
  • Big storms are moving in this weekend and if they get here Saturday night, that'll be one heck of a scene at the Texas Motor Speedway. 
  • I had the Girls In The House lined up as quarterback and cornerback as I ran post patterns last night in the back yard.
  • "You realize they aren't boys, don't you?" - Mrs. LL after stepping outside.
  • (Seinfeld voice) What's the deal with those Fox Sports Southwest Girls (pic) that are on Ranger broadcasts? 
  • A not-so-exciting Driving While License Invalid appellate opinion released yesterday which involved Boyd police and the Wise County Court at Law. 
  • A lawyer coming from Denton to Decatur yesterday got lost and ended up in Runaway Bay, and I  laughed about it when he called the court for directions. Once he made it, he saw me in the hallway, ask me if I remembered him, and then told me how he beat me in a criminal trial 15 years ago. That gave me Failed Smile.
  • There wasn't much left of a Mustang that crashed and burned on 114 by DFW airport last night. 
  • I found that someone had left "Empire of the Summer Moon"  for me at my office this morning. 
  • North Korea had a failed missile launch last night. The missile type? Taepodong-2.
  • It's Friday the 13th. It's the second one we've had this year. 
  • Mark Cuban getting interviewed while he's on a treadmill drives me insane. 
  • I'll give the Messenger credit: That's an incredible amount of detail in the plywood-causes-wreck story in today's Update.