Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Sen. Wendy Davis is milking that "firebombing" for all it is worth.  And to initially invoke the name of Gabby Giffords right after it happened was borderline shameful. 
  • If we could go back in time and give Davis the chance to stop the homeless guy from burning her office door, there is no way in the world she would (if she were honest about it.) She can't buy this much publicity.
  • Finally, the national media went nuts with the story with some even saying in headlines: "Office of Planned Parenthood Supporter Firebombed." Hey, this wasn't an Eric Rudolph abortion clinic bombing.
  • But if we learned anything from this story, it is this: Wendy Davis is kind of hot. 
  • RG3 had his "pro day" yesterday at Baylor and ESPN showed up to broadcast it live. Live??!! But I have to admit, there has to be no more useless stat in the world than his completion rate in drills when there is no defense on the field.
  • Does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell really have that much power? He cost Sean Payton a year's salary of $7.5 million, and we are supposed to believe he made that decision independent of the 32 NFL owners?
  • Mrs. LL, who is doing softball coaching this year, is stressing now that Spring Break and rain has killed almost all of the team's practices. 
  • I used an ATM in a seedy convenience store in the metroplex last Saturday. After pressing "no receipt", I got my money. After I then stepped to the side, the guy next in line awkwardly called me back over. On the "Confirm Transaction" screen (which I had never seen in my life) was my transaction details including my balance (which I had not asked to see.) 
  • Remember that line from The Jerk when Nathan* Navin R. Johnson said, "Yeah, you flash a wad a cash like this around here and some people will kill you for it." *Edit: How I continue to make that mistake is disturbing.
  • Based upon Justice Scalia's dissent yesterday, he doesn't think the constitution requires a defendant's lawyer to communicate to him any plea bargain offers. Incredible.
  • Fox News has discovered Paul Harvey's 1965 "If I Were The Devil" broadcast and proclaims it has come to fruition. 
  • 60 Minutes will do a segment this Sunday on alleged Texas prosecutorial misconduct.
  • The "Stand Your Ground Law" (or the "Mobile Castle Doctrine") has nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case. The lack of a duty to retreat only comes into play once the use of deadly self defense is justified. And that's the whole issue in the Martin case: Was deadly self defense justified in the first place?
  • I got stopped for the "Man On The Street" question by the Messenger yesterday. They promised they wouldn't make me look like an idiot (although I really didn't have an opinion on standardized school testing). 
  • Have you seen the Apache helicopter crash in Afghanistan? Pilot hot dogging?
  • WBAP's Hal Jay got Yu Darvish and Jeremy Lin confused this morning. 


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you didn't mention one thing about the Paul Harvey 1965 speech! OMG!!!!! It is absolutely unbelievable in reflection of today!

D = Devil

It's definitely more proof of how many people there in this world who are easily manipulated. It's awful because those who are easily manipulated don't have a clue they are being manipulated.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Wendy Davis is pretty hot. I've had to meet with her on several legislative issues for my profession, and even though I'm a pretty conservative Republican I always leave with a "Hey Now!"

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in knowing where YOU think it says in the Constitution that a defendant has the right to have plea bargain offers communicated to him by his own attorney. Hell, I'll make it easy - I know it doesn't say that - how about you tell us where that "right" is implied.

Anonymous said...

Well DUH!! You did!

Whose the stupid one. LOL

Anonymous said...

Navin Johnson.

Quadruple Fake Special Purpose

Triple Fake... said...

today's pic: kink-y!

Using Planned Parenthood in the headline of the Wendy Davis story is justified only if that was a factor in the crime. Sensationalism. That's as dumb as Little Tex labeling the alleged perp as a Democrat. It may be true, but it has nothing to do with the motive.
New drinking game: chug one every time he uses the word "filthy"!

Most of the pix you see of Wendy Davis in the paper look good, leading one to make assumptions. But I've seen one very clear pic where she looked awful. Makes me think they keep using a couple of older photos

Unlike in baseball, where the players' union almost always has the upper hand, football's league office wields the power. In most matters, Goodell has the force of the owners behind him

It's Navin!

Anonymous said...

ok BG if anyone ever tries to "firebomb" your office or one of your Republican moran buddies y'all better not "milk it".

Just saying

Anonymous said...

WOW Barry! Can't believe you think a liberal would use the press for their own benefit. I thought only the conservatives did that. You're making good progress. Just taking you longer than some of the rest of us.

Also, I agree that the press uses headlines to get people to read their story. I saw a headline yesterday that that the 'Body of Missing Cheerleader' was found. When you read the story, the
girl was 13 years old. Why the cheerleader angle? She was a student like everyone other 13 year old for crying out loud. Does being a cheerleader elevate her or what?

Anonymous said...

Once again, the defense attorney takes something completely out of context.

Justice Scalia's dissent was not as you protrayed it to be. Justice Scalia was objecting to the manner of the remedy involved in such an incident.

I know, I know. Your job is to make something out of nothing, but do you have to lose your integrity in the process?

Stay Classy Counselor

Anonymous said...


I think the majority opinion covers it pretty well:

“This court now holds that, as a general rule, defense counsel has the duty to communicate formal offers from the prosecution to accept a plea on terms and conditions that may be favorable to the accused,” Kennedy wrote in his opinion (PDF). “When defense counsel allowed the offer to expire without advising the defendant or allowing him to consider it, defense counsel did not render the effective assistance the Constitution requires.” His opinion cites ABA Standards for Criminal Justice, saying they can be “important guides” to standards of counsel performance.

Oh Do Behave said...

She's a fembot! Some of her robotic parts are showing.

HarveyLee said...

Sorry. Don't have time to read your blog. Gotta get my car washed.
Don't bother telling me it is raining.

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
4 out of 5
She is hot hot.

Sean Elliott's Dirty Dead Kidney said...

Wendy Davis has a little something but she could stand to gain about 20 pounds. Eat a sandwich, will ya? "Never let a crisis go waste" is the theme for any politico. This one is as good as any to oversell.

Why does today's RTG make me recall all those old Roger Corman women in prison movies? Not that I'm complaining.

Anonymous said...

I'm so fresh you can shuck my guts.

-DF Trayvon McTurtle

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed Paul Harvey on WBAP for the noon news years back. People forget that back in the fifties & sixties he was vehemently arch-conservative (almost a John Birch Society member in beliefs). The radio/tv commentator in Seven Days in May was supposedly modeled on him. He toned down the rhetoric in later decades of his life.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

If you're paying for the services of an atty, they should be obligated to tell you what the price of rice is in China!

Anonymous said...

9:48 Manipulated much? LMAO

Anonymous said...

The Jerk - now that's a classic!! I practically have every line of that movie memorized!! Thanks for making me smile BG.

P.S. Is Grandma still farting?

Anonymous said...

Ray Wylie Hubbard will be here at Bono's Saturday night. Be here or be queer.

The Devil said...

Wendy Davis has a head like a God, G*@damn swamp rat that is.

The Devil said...

A visitor from Poznan, Wielkopolskie
viewed "Liberally Lean From The Land Of Dairy Queen.

visitor from Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Global following today.

DF Learned Hand said...

9:31, I don't think BG's comment on Scalia is out of context at all. Scalia would not consider that error. If so, there is no requirement for the attorney to convey that offer (or any offer) and whatever the Defendant suffers would be acceptable in his eyes. Scalia didn't concur in the decision and write an opinion encouraging another standard. He dissented.

As always with Scalia, if you can't point to it as specifically referenced in the Constitution, the right doesn't exist. Ergo, if it didn't exist in the 1780's, whatever the government wants to do is all fine and absolutely nothing they do, no law they pass, and no right they trample violates the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone from a newspaper would stop by the doctor's office while I'm waiting. I've got some thoughts about standardized testing-Education Commissioner Robert Scott got it right when he said the emphasis schools place on testing is "a perversion of what is intended..."

He goes on to say

"And I do agree with you that in many schools that is the case, and that's why I've been very supportive of the Visioning Institute bill that is going to give this agency the authority to get 20 districts to serve as pilots for a new accountability system that maybe doesn't focus on testing every kid every year and maybe does sampling like the NAEP, and allows us to think beyond this current system that we have, because we do have many districts and many campuses that are overemphasizing testing..."


Anonymous said...

so, the devil is a liberal.
very prophetic

Anonymous said...


A white boy killed a black man because he was black.

I'm sure LilTex would have posted this earlier if he had noticed it.

BigTex said...

"Using Planned Parenthood in the headline of the Wendy Davis story is justified only if that was a factor in the crime. Sensationalism. That's as dumb as Little Tex labeling the alleged perp as a Democrat. It may be true, but it has nothing to do with the motive."

Bullwinkle, what was his motive??? This is typical of what black democrats do when they do not get their way. They start burning things down. Filthy niggers.

Anonymous said...

BG, you didn't approve my comment about the RG playing with my hose. So a double entendre isn't acceptable on here but "nigger" is? You have weird standards.

Anonymous said...

WBAP's Hal Jay got Yu Darvish and Jeremy Lin confused this morning.

Given the circumstances, that is an easy mistake to make. It's like getting Oblamo confused with a Muslim (given the circumstances).

BigTex said...

11:01- Yeah, the liberal news is all over a story of a white killing a black, but when it comes to a black killing a white, they hide it, by not telling their color. Before the news became so liberal they always told the color of the victim and the perp, but because blacks commit so many murders of whites, they had to quit reporting it. Sickening.


Triple Fake... said...

@ 11:14 -
your hose comment was approved. However, you posted it under the previous story

tex -
did you get any details from the story? If he's a democrat, it has nothing to do with his motive. The guy is severely mentally ill (insert "democrats are crazy" joke here!)

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a lame analogy out of tex's a$$ -
the guy's black: he must be a democrat
black democrats burn things: he must have started the fire because he's a black democrat (or vice versa)

with your observations, generalizations, and just plain pin-headedness, you must be a shill for liberals, because you are setting the conservative cause back...years!

Cleverly Disguised said...

…There is an overwhelming feeling by the general population that the legal and justice system is broken, unfair, and the last thing it seeks is justice or the truth. The courtroom itself, in all its magisterial elegance, along it’s privileged occupants, exists to settle disputes and render judgments; I would not argue they are averse to the notion of justice, but they are fully accepting that justice - if it is produced - is a byproduct of the “process”, much like natural gas used to be a byproduct of oil wells . . . occasionally found, sometimes used, but never actually sought and not considered of much importance…
If you have any doubts of this, I invite you to watch the 60 Minutes production this weekend that showcases the Michael Morton case in Williamson County or read the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Connick v. Thompson.

BigTex said...








Filthy niggers.

Anonymous said...

Too much lawyering today. Get back to regular stories. Laws are for you lawyers to fight over, not for us regular people.

Anonymous said...

11:14 he did post it, on the "Falsely Accused-Even In Newark where you left it Einstien

Anonymous said...

Triple Fake

You have a hard time accepting the truth don't you?

Anonymous said...

11:14, you were so busy playing with your tube that you didn't realize you posted under the wrong post. idiot

BigTex said...

Bullwinkle, you need to pull your head out of your AZZ. The fact is, this black democrat wanted something, was not getting it, and did what the majority of black democrats do when they do not get their way. Please see the Rodney King riots and the ones they had in the UK last year. Typical liberal nigger thoughts and actions.

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's got a long one.....

Anonymous said...

Big Tex at 12:08, thanks for posting the facts. Liars figure, figures do not lie. Why are these not considered hate crimes?

Anonymous said...

Bacon's off his rocker to think that's a 4!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I like that.

Liars figure, figures do not lie.

BigTex said...


Check it out Bullwinkle, these liberal niggers were about to burn Fort Worth. Had the police chief not apologized for his officer shooting this black, cop dragging, drug dealing, gangsta thug, they would have. Typical liberal nigger thoughts and actions. This is what they do. Pull your head out and accept the truth about these filthy people.

Anonymous said...

Your Liberality is showing.... Scalia didn't suggest any such thing but...... Wouldn't it be great if the Constitution banned Lawyers from everything at all times? It might get Liberally Lean huh?

Anonymous said...

Once again, you're missing the point with Justice Scalia's decent.

A plea bargain is a priveledge, not a right. There is not constitutional right to plea out a case.

It's the same as having a driver's license. The state government allows you to drive on the roadway and you have no constitutional right to do so.

That being said, Justic Scalia is pointing out that the premis of the defendant's argument was that his constitutional rights were violated because of ineffective counsel, as it relates to his plea agreement.

Justic Scalia opined that this was a moot point because there was no constitutional right to a plea bargain in the first place.

If the basis of the appeal involved ineffective counsel in an area in which the defedant had a constitutional right to have, then...we have an issue for reversal.

Stay Classy Counselor

Mr. Mike Honcho said...


Please stop feeding the troll.

ANDY said...



Anonymous said...

I am shocked the liberal media would print something that is inflammatory, I thought only the conservative side did that.

Anonymous said...

Wendy is hotter than Marilyn Belew!

Anonymous said...

You obviously havent ever met Senator Davis, Barry. Many people from her district come to Austin to support her. These are the working people who dont make 6 figures also. She walks her own neighborhoods to campaign unlike people like Phil King. She has helped these homeless people more than any other lawmaker. She's not perfect, but I would take her over that pork chop eating Estes anyday. The only time you ever see his fat ass is on the Decatur square eating chicken fried steak and asking for money.

Anonymous said...

yea quit feeding Kylie/Catfish/Mz she has to go practice her fake British accent

Anonymous said...

Isn't that how Rebecca got her murder for hire reduced?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of British accents; call the Bridgeport City Hall and listen to the automated call screener. What a joke. Do they think it gives them more credibility with the english accent. I am embarrassed for them. This is Texas for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

(Ir)regardless (making sure everyone understands) of how you feel about Scalia's dissent, we will now see an increase in declined plea bargains and an increase in trials. If the defendant gets a worse deal at trial, he'll claim his lawyer failed to effectively communicate the plea bargain. The defendant now gets the best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

This country would be better off if lawyers were banned from serving in public office. It is a direct conflict of interest for them to practice law and make law. How can the 3 branches of government be separated if the judicial (lawyers) are in control of the legislative and executive branches as well as the judicial branch. We have to take control away from these bottom feeders.