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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I check a lot of people's accounts on Twitter and Facebook simply because I think they are crazy.
  • In case you were going to Syria for vacation, you might want to cancel those plans. It would be safer to be a Mexican policeman right now. (Every country with half a brain has abandoned its embassies.) 
  • Regarding the MIA obscene gesture during the Super Bowl halftime show, someone has taken a pic of the moment and pointed out the very odd double standards we have in the United States.
  • I got an iPod Nano. Lots of stuff crammed into that little thing but I'm not sure being able to load photos is particularly important. (Oh, an update on the ASICS running shoes I switched to a few months back: After years of Nike, Adidas and New Balance, I'll never go back.)
  • I know women's college basketball is boring to you, but what the Baylor women are doing borders on the bizarre. They are 24-0 and basically beat everyone by 30 points. 
  • Heard on WBAP this morning: "Spanking is lazy parenting." Their listeners soundly disagreed. 
  • One of the most horrible stories I've heard in a while: A wife goes missing. Custody battle ensues between her parents and the husband over two little boys. Husband burns down house with him and kids in it over the weekend. Oh, my.
  • Eighty people applied for the Boyd AD and head football coaching job? 
  • Somehow over the weekend an old Charlie's Angels show ended up on my TV.  I kept thinking one of the guest stars looked familiar and it finally hit me: A very young and brunette Kim Cattrall who later starred in Sex and The City. (You can see a good shot of her at the :37 mark here.)
  • Maria Menounos lost a bet and had to wear a bikini on the air. Hey, now. 
  • Our "no dirty dishes in the sink" policy has been flawlessly implemented 98% of the time this year. That just changes the whole atmosphere and attitude of the house. 
  • Three state elections are today and I keep hearing, "This will not be a good day for Mitt Romney" since Rick Santorum has a chance to rise from the dead apparently. What a cluster. 
  • The holdup on the drawing of Congressional maps in Texas (looks like they got close yesterday before the wheels fell off) has got to be driving newspapers and TV stations crazy. Since we don't have a primary date, no one is spending on political advertising. And they make a ton of money on political advertising.
  • There's something peaceful about waking up and seeing the Family Pup has snuggled up beside me. 
  • Rick Perry decided to come out of hiding and speak in Williamson County yesterday. After he was done, a George Washington impersonator fired off a joke:  "A Communist, a Muslim and an illegal alien went into a tavern. And the tavern keeper said, 'What will it be President Obama?'" Wow. Just wow.