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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I haven't read many reviews, but I thought Madonna at halftime last night was fantastic.
  • The video stage was great. Here's what it looked like from the stands.
  • It was pretty quiet at my house until an impromptu party broke out. Who was that guy who brought his own grill over and was lighting up the sky with a flame in my backyard?
  • The Patriots first play resulted in a safety (an odd call but a correct one.) Heard this morning that the Vegas odds of the first score being a safety were 75 to 1. Edit: Dallas is a 20-1 shot to win the Super Bowl next year.
  • I wrote a few weeks back how I was finally at the point of believing that teams should allow the other team to score in some situations. We saw it last night. It didn't work out, but Bill Belichick would have gone down as the greatest football genius in the history of ever if it had. 
  • I took my football to the nearest goalpost yesterday and discovered I can kick an extra point. Barely
  • I noticed my TV screen flicker during the halftime show. It wasn't until this morning that I discovered NBC was trying to censor MIA.
  • One of the gals over at the house last night, upon realizing that Cee Lo Green was at the Super Bowl and on The Voice immediately afterwards, asked, "How did he get there so fast?"  Her husband and I tried very hard to suppress our laughter because she is not "slow to anger." 
  • It is amazing how the Right Wing tried to dismiss the lowering unemployment numbers last week. Let me say it again: The way the number is calculated is the way it is calculated.
  • A nine year old in Rhome is in the death announcements in the Update this morning. What happened?
  • Someone pointed out to me that being a member of AARP makes your spouse automatically qualified to join AARP. I haven't told Mrs. LL that yet. I hope she is "slow to anger."
  • Ticket Fans: You should have heard shortly after 6:00 a.m. this morning when both their AM signal and FM signal went down. The only way the station was broadcasting was over the Internet and the Musers absolutely went off on an unnamed manager who "might destroy what we took 18 years to build."
  • If you believe Josh Hamilton doesn't drink on a regular basis, you're nuts. It's only when he gets caught do we see the press conferences. 
  • It's news Mitt Romney won Nevada over the weekend? Mormons. Nevada. Hello.
  • I had to renew my driver's license at the Decatur DPS office on Friday. Those ladies are cheery but don't have a real sense of urgency about them. But, all in all, I think I'll take that. (But the Sargent behind them who looked up and said, "Oh, I know who he is" made me a little nervous.)