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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Kip Smith, a Republican state congressman from Georgia and sponsor of a bill that would have submitted all welfare recipients to random drug testing, was arrested Friday night for driving under the influence of alcohol. Nice.
  • I don't regularly watch 60 Minutes and I don't know why.  They can make a segment (last Sunday) on the country of Qatar be fascinating. 
  • WBAP's Mark Davis wasn't very Christian-like when posted a tweet last night during the GOP debates.
  • Did I see a couple of the GOP candidates argue in the debate about who is more in favor of allowing convicted felons to vote? Up is down (again.)
  • I don't know why NBC 5's Jane McGarry is so happy to pose with a cow.
  • I got a football for Christmas. Mrs. LL was amused when I told her that as a kid I would walk across Bridgeport to the nearest goal post with a football and an empty food can (to be used as a tee) in order to try field goals. 
  • I might try one again. 
  • Baylor basketball moved up to #3 in the polls only to get killed at Kansas last night. But that will happen in college basketball.  (Didn't North Carolina lose by 30 or more over the weekend?)
  • Some of the "closed circuit" camera images seen on the news from bank or convenience store crimes are incredibly clear.
  • Muhammad Ali is 70 today. He maybe the only popular Muslim in America. (And it seems like a long time ago when he lit the Olympic Cauldron in Atlanta.)
  • I was going to say "Olympic Flame" in stead of "Olympic Cauldron" but the flame is actually used to light the cauldron. (Comment attacks avoided.) 
  • A youtube video named "Saved By The Bell - Inappropriate Woo'ing" sounds lame until you watch it. It's inappropriately funny. 
  • There are a bunch of burglars hitting the Woodhaven area in Fort Worth and one lady is estimating her loss at around $260,000. Hey, let's make it only one crime, lady. (Can't find the link from yesterday.)
  • Miss Texas in a swimsuit from last weekend in the Miss America pageant that no one saw.