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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Office fans will love this cameo appearance of Steve Carell in last week's show that almost no one (well, almost no one) caught.
  • The lady lawyer who managed to unwittingly take a gun onto a plane at DFW Airport yesterday didn't have the most flattering picture in a rotary club newsletter a while back.
  • You know it is tough in TV when Channel 8's Dale Hansen takes a paycut and doesn't complain.
  • A loyal reader suggested these as Random Girls. Hey, Now. 
  • So when the Rangers win this summer, a regular guy who struggles to just get by in life is going to stand up and cheer because the player who helped a professional sports team win was purchased from Japan for a total cost of $111 million?  I don't get it.
  • The Decatur ISD Superintendent makes $147,906?  Did superintendent salaries somewhere along the line get out of whack? 
  • The former Athletic Director of Southern University and ex-NFL player was arrested in Houston last year during the Final Four for soliciting prostitution after he was approached on the street by an undercover cop. A jury found him not guilty in 34 minutes yesterday. From the cops on the street, to the supervisor who authorized the sting, to the prosecutors who couldn't evaluate a case to save their lives, what a tremendous waste of tax dollars. 
  • And get this: He was fired after the arrest. The only crime committed in that case was by The State of Texas.
  • The economy might be hurting, but Texas ads 58 new DPS Troopers to the payroll this morning. 
  • If I'm reading this right, a former Bridgeport player is now the head coach and athletic director of Crosby High School. (And he has become the brother-in-law of former UT standout Jordan Shipley.)
  • We had a toilet crisis in our office which caused the City of Decatur to dig up a portion of our parking lot. "Toilet" and "crisis" are never good when combined. 
  • President Obama's decided to care about the environment yesterday and kill the "Keystone XL" pipeline. Basically, he said more time was needed to study it but if Congress was going to force him to make a decision, he'd err on the side of caution.  
  • There's a story in the Star-Telegram today about a historic home "overlooking Luther Lake" in Fort Worth that may end up getting torn down. Luther Lake looks more like a pond via satellite, but I had never heard of it. (It's not far from that traffic circle at the end of Camp Bowie.)