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May I Search Your Vehicle?

I saw this video over the weekend, and I'm still not sure it's real. There's no description of news story to go with it.

But, man, if it is, that is one irate cop.  I'm just stunned he didn't illegally search the car since he wanted to so badly.

Warning: Extreme language (that probably isn't taught at the Police Academy.)


Uppercase Matt said...

The comments to the video indicate that it was a joke between two cops (the "suspect" was also a cop).

See this news story.

Anonymous said...

fake fake fake fake fake fake

Anonymous said...

He should have grabbed some of that Ticy Tacy and smoked it to calm down..

RPM said...

Fake. But, why make it in the first place?

Anonymous said...

you gotta love them rhome cops..

Anonymous said...

Tom Bishop wantabe...

Anonymous said...

Fake but accurate DF Dan Rather

bordandstroked said...

Tom Tom really should talk that way.

el chupacabra said...

First hint of its fakiness was the name of one of the actors: Fakey McFakerton.

Adolph Oliver Bush said...

ST. MARYS - St. Marys City Council took no action Thursday night after discussing a "prank" pulled by city police officers that was recorded and posted on YouTube, a popular video-sharing website.

In the five-minute video, a St. Marys police officer is shown tracking a white Ford Explorer in a police cruiser and pulling over the driver. The video shows a conversation between the driver and the officer, which ends with the officer yelling expletives at the driver when he is told he cannot search the vehicle without a warrant.

The session of St. Marys City Council got off to a late start Thursday, as one member of council was 45 minutes late.

The meeting ended in a 15-minute executive (closed) session in which no action was taken.

Mayor Paul Ingram said the executive session was called to discuss a personnel matter.

Following the executive session, Ingram said the issue was still under investigation, but no action would be taken Thursday.

The meeting ended without members of council asking for public comment. City officials did not comment on the video or those involved, citing personnel matters.

Several members of the community attended the council meeting, many of whom expressed their support of St. Marys police officer Nathan Boron, who was allegedly shown in the video.

Kris Boron, the wife of Officer Nathan Boron, said the video was a joke, with another police officer acting as the driver of the Ford Explorer.

"Everyone makes mistakes. It wasn't meant to hurt anyone," she said. "It was a joke that should never have happened. My husband made a public apology on Facebook, and sent letters of apology to city council and the local paper."

Kris Boron said supporters of her husband hung dozens of blue balloons, which were tied up along Second Street in St. Marys.

"He shouldn't lose his job over this," she said.

St. Marys resident Bruce Chaddock said city officials were blowing the prank out of proportion.

"People are making a mountain over a mole hill," he said.

"They are talking about taking someone's livelihood over 30 seconds of a video. It's ridiculous."

The video has been viewed more than 113,000 times on YouTube, with hundreds of comments posted. According to the YouTube website, the video was posted Aug. 31.

© Copyright 2012 Parkersburg News and Sentinel. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Anonymous said...

Note that the same guys made this more obviously-faked video

Barry, since there's ample evidence that the video was a silly fake, do you mind posting an EDIT up in the original post, for those that don't click to read the comments?

Anonymous said...

Adolph, You broke copyright laws. Turn yourself in to the Parkersburg Police Dept. and ask for Nathan Boron.

Adolph Oliver Bush said...

OK, but he ain't searching my truck.