Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Golden Globe observations . . . Woman crush: Kate Winslet. Man crush: Gerald Gerard Butler.
  • The Golden Globes are far more entertaining than the Oscars, and I'm not sure why that's not well known. 
  • I actually caught the end of the San Francisco/New Orleans game on Saturday. Thumbs up for excitement. And Vernon Davis' "catch and cry" seemed almost like a carbon copy of the catch in the playoffs by Terrell Owens in 1998. 
  • I watched 127 Hours (about the hiker who cut off his arm to survive) over the weekend. Good, but not great. I was struck, however, how the decision to cut his arm off was a no-brainer. Now the actual cutting, that's a different story. 
  • Also caught the final of the three part documentary about The Memphis Three. Love that stuff. 
  • Rihanna is in that photo? (Hey, now)
  • It's hard not to smile when you see this dog jumping in a field.
  • I was looking at little seen photos about the MLK assassination (credit bagofnothing.com), and I noticed that the first comment said the "tragic event happened only 5 years after Blacks in America gained the right to vote." Uh, not so much.   
  • 488 homes were sold in Wise County last year with an average price of $135,762
  • If you want me to buy a Toyota, having Chris Berman and Kelly Clarkson in a commercial together is not the way to persuade me. 
  • I was talking to someone about the small number of African-Americans in Wise County. Percentage wise, it has to he one of the lowest in the state. Then someone pointed out that a black guy who hails from Decatur was arrested in a car near Houston late last year with an alleged $37,500 worth of pot. Edit: Wrong, Decatur.
  • A 15 year old fell 18 floors to his death at a downtown Dallas Hilton Hyatt hotel. They are still not sure why.
  • I woke up the house this morning like I always do only to be informed there is no school today. Everyone was so sleepy they couldn't get mad. So I got out of there in a hurry.
  • Edit: My wheels might be off this morning.