Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I would make this a "And Another", but I think I mentioned her at the time of her arrest. (Carter-Riverside connection.)
  • Double motorcycle death in Anna, Texas which the radio described yesterday as "gruesome," but I can't find a detailed story about it.
  • My "school dreams" (dreaming I'm late for final exams and can't find my classes or locker) have turned into more generic "I'm late" dreams. Last night I was going to a Rangers game, looked down and realized I had accidentally dressed in a suit, and had to stop and buy clothes even though I was already late with people waiting on me. I have a different one every single night, and it is always the same theme.
  • Let me look that up for you on Wikipedia. Well, not today.
  • I've not posted a lot of the "dumb cracker" comments because they whip me, although I'm sure some feel the same way about "2012 Guy" and "Drugs and Alcohol Guy". (But Double Fake Anything Guy almost always makes me laugh.)
  • For the first time ever watching the NFL, I've thought a couple of times this year that a team should intentionally not score too quickly or allow another team to score to get the ball back (just like Arena ball.).  When 49er Alex Smith ran around the left end to score in the playoff game last weekend, I seriously believed he should have ran out of bounds at the one. 
  • I'll never know, but I might have taken the biggest gamble in not striking a potential juror yesterday. She was the exact profile of who I didn't want: Professional, graduate degree, middle aged, kids, and oozed conservatism. But she absolutely locked onto everything I said during jury selection, so I left her on. I was either a genius or an idiot. 
  • Talk about someone who needs a teleprompter, it's Mitt Romney. First, it was "I like firing people" (which was OK in context but something you simply cannot say), and then there was "I get speaker fees sometime, but not very much" (which turned out to be $374,327.62 in one year.)
  • I think I saw a post from the Messenger last night that announced the score after one period in the Bridgeport/Decatur girls basketball game was 7-6. Barn. Burner.
  • I heard a little bit about the Paula Deen/Diabetes controversy yesterday but I didn't pay much attention. I've never watched anyone who eats sticks of butter.
  • The Paradise ISD superintendant makes $111,447.54?
  • Lindsay Lohan enters court yesterday as a Hey, Now.
  • That was one serious arse chewing that the captain of the sinking cruise liner got from the Coast Guard when he decided to abandon ship. (Jump to about the 1:00 mark.) It was the only possible thing he could have done to make a career ending act become even worse.
  • The Rangers have until 4:00 p.m. today to sign Japanese sensation Yu Darvish. Headline if the don't?: "Yu Can't Always Get Yu Want." (Stolen.)