The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Everyone ready to get back at it? Anyone? Do I see a hand in the back? No? Ok.
  • It's 2012 and I heard someone on the radio do a Forrest Gump impersonation this morning. 
  • Oregon wore a mirror helmet in the Rose Bowl last night. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was really cool. 
  • Saw where The Fan's Richie Whitt was trying to get to Belize with his girlfriend over the holidays but the flight was overbooked. After the old auction trick didn't work, he and his travel partner where selected to get bumped off the flight. The were routed through El Salvador instead and arrived in Belize 24 hours later. Oh, and they were written a check for $1,300 a piece on the spot.  I think I'd do that deal.
  • A beach "Hey, now."
  • I always thought the next 10 years would be the "decade of travel" for me. Now I just need to pull the trigger. 
  • I've had the weirdest pain in the front of my thighs over the last couple of days. It's like an exercise pain but it's the only place I hurt.
  • My New Year's Weekend reaffirmed my belief that, "people are crazy." 
  • An old (and funny) piece that The Onion wrote which reported that the Dallas Cowboys had "released" Jerry Jones started circulating again yesterday. I had a "bless her heart" moment when I saw one of my Facebook friends and her many friends were talking about it as being real. 
  • I knew the Cowboys were doomed when the television cameras caught Keith Brooking doing one of his goofy "rah rah" speeches on the field before the Giants game. He rarely plays anymore, but I'll be glad to see him go. 
  • Facebook pic of Slidell girl injured in accident over the weekend. 
  • I had all the outside Christmas decorations down by New Years Day. Mrs. LL laughed at me because I drew a schematic diagram on the biggest box to tell me next year exactly how everything was hooked up. (Maybe it was bullet point #10 that read "There is no string of lights #4. Made mistake.")
  • Rare chance to Baylor brag: The men's basketball team is unbeaten and #4 in the nation and the women's team is unbeaten and #1 in the nation. 
  • There was a big strip shopping center built a couple of years ago along 287 in Decatur (its on the east side before the northbound 51 exit). It still sits completely empty and has never had a tenant. 
  • Kathy Griffin took her shirt off in Times Square with Anderson Cooper on NYE.  
  • And today the Republicans rely upon a bunch of Iowans to make some sense out of the mess that has been created.