Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • More visual proof that Mark Cuban is far closer to classless than the common man. Yep, I can't stand that guy. 
  • Saw this on Twitter last night: "Sobering reality: Khloé Kardashian Odom has 1.39 million more followers than the New York Times."
  • Best moment of the Orange Bowl last night was seeing an Orange Mascot getting tackled in the end zone.
  • I really don't want to question how someone grieves, but what Iowa Causcus Golden Boy Rick Santorum and his wife did upon her having a stillborn child isn't exactly, uh, "normal."
  • I didn't know former Southlake/UNT coach Todd Dodge had spent the year as quarterbacks coach at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • The front of my thighs still hurt. Weird. 
  • Kyra Sedgwick "Hey, Now"?
  • Forgot to mention that Amberly and Debbye on the third floor of the Wise County Courthouse won our fantasy football league. (We all laughed at them when they drafted Cam Newton at the beginning of the year.)
  • I'm interested in the identities of the two bodies found in the submerged Porsche yesterday which ended up in a canal near Las Colinas. (By the way, I've never understood the thrill of driving fast.) Edit: Driver identified as 41 years old Ronald Cary Eddins. There's a Dallas asbestos lawyer named Ron Eddins who seems like a high-roller but I have no idea if that's the same guy. 
  • Mrs. LL declared she was cooking a Cajun meal tonight. (All I thought of was Newman on Seinfeld saying, "Jambalaya!" in the Soup Nazi episode.)
  • Former Cowboy Sam Hurd was indicted by the feds yesterday for trying to be a drug kingpin. He never would have been, but he told the wrong people that he wanted to be. That'll get you locked up in this country. 
  • More good news for the President: Unemployment claims dropped again for the last week of December (that's four drops in five weeks.) 
  • It's fun to listen to Limbaugh and Hannity try to sabotage Mitt Romney as being too "moderate" while realizing they'll have to end up supporting him. (And John McCain endorsing Romney yesterday just killed them.)
  • Update of the shooting of the 8th grader: Two officers. Three shots. One to the back of the boy's head.. . .