The Campaign For DA


2011 "And Another" Winners

Texas: Yep, slow year. She's from Amarillo.

National winner: Carrie Shafer from Kentucky.

Honorable Mention: From New York


Anonymous said...

Lower the age of concent?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

"You have not pled guilty. You have not been found guilty. Yet, we will shame you not because we ourselves are blameless but because we have the power to do so. We are your [friendly local blogger]."

John Homles' Ghost said...

It has been an interesting year in sex ed.

Anonymous said...

I still think Ms. Shafer should have been cited for littering for casting the "used contraceptive" out the vehicle window. She was setting a bad litter example for the young lad.

She had a defense for the other acts because they were parked where canoes were launched. It was just a matter of arguing what her definition of canoe launching involved.

My Other Brother Darryl