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This Morning's Wreck at 51 and 2123

The Messenger's got a photo and an update here.

The Bridgeport man's Facebook page appears to be here. (Not confirmed)

Edit: And the Messenger explains why it loves pics of crushed automobiles.


Anonymous said...

Always swerve to the right. We see this over and over.
Hope everyone is okay.

Anonymous said...

The Messenger covers wrecks because people want to know if the road is blocked? Yeah, I always check the Messenger before I travel to see traffic conditions.

Why don't they just come out and say they won't cover big stories because they're afraid of losing what few advertisers they still have, so they show you a bloody car wreck instead?

Why not report pork futures instead? Nobody's covering that!

DF Les Nessman

Anonymous said...

Why would you swerve left to avoid a car in front of you that's turning left? Pay attention out there! I have to share the road with you!

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Message just install a big CB and broadcast reports to us?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another A-hole driver not paying attention and in a hurry to get somewere.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the comments on here make me swerve right and left when I read them.

Well checker :-)

Anonymous said...

To whomever care at the MessengeR:

I don't have a problem with y'all covering wrecks. I understand that's what the people want to read about and get their information. However, what I do absolutely not understand and approve of is some of the pictures y'all post. I've seen some pretty sorry pictures in the past. Such as; family members hugging each other on the side after they have found out another member of their family has just died, and yall also have a picture of the victims shoe laying in the road. I understand sharing info on the wreck but to post those kinda pictures without consent from the family is just plain sorry! What if this was a family member of yours? Would you like me stopping by to get your reaction on camera? Maybe you should think about the victims side instead of worrying about ratings for your paper!

Anonymous said...

2:38 Did you write the same pathetic letter to every news outlet in the world? You'd have to be really stupid not to realize that every news outlet in the world does the same thing.