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Anonymous said...

Hey, a picture of a REAL athlete! One who performs at their absolutely highest sustainable level for 11+ minutes, all without timeouts, halftimes, and approximately half minute breaks between 4-6 seconds of activity (i.e., football). Yeah, football players DO also get hit and wrestle, as well as run--for 4-6 seconds per play on average. I timed a high school football game and discovered that if a player played BOTH ways and never missed a play, they would exert themselves for 4-6 seconds per play, for 4 minutes total per quarter, 16 minutes per game.

Decatur CC has the most state-finals success of any sport program it offers, and yet still has difficulty recruiting enough boys to match the success of its girls' team. Success (state championship rings, etc.) should draw lots of boys. Why not? Because its training and the races are so insanely severe (Boys run for 16-18 minutes with no break at their absolutely highest sustainable level). The best teams and team members never stop training, they just voluntarily train without coach involvement (to be UIL legal), including ALL of summer, getting up very early six days/week.

Chip on my shoulder for no reason, you say? A football player once sneered at my son's (first) CC State Championship ring, commenting that "it must be easy" to get! Well, if it was, you'd see LOTS of kids involved in the program, trying to make the varsity team! Nope, they take one look at the training and the commitment level, and think "NO WAY!"

Parents take note--the CC kids are in EXTREMELY good shape, and the sport has a very low incidence of injury, and an almost nonexistent rate of serious injuries.

Proud of all of our county's CC teams and team members!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the work CC puts in......but Dude you are gay

The Devil said...

“I play real sports…not trying to be the best at exercising.”

Kenny Powers

Anonymous said...

Yep. Way to go CC. Way to go go DHS! There are just so many of us playing football, tooting those band instruments and running CC after highschool/college.

Anonymous said...

Did the CC team get a new workout field? a new track, do they want turf, do they have 2 gyms are they one and done in the playoffs? then you better move out of DISD! Way to go CC you have something to be proud of and to think you did this all on your own..

Anonymous said...

Athletes play sports.
Unathletic kids run cross country.
Don't defend your kid being bullied on a third rate blog.

yellow dog demo said...

9:53 explain why the best cc boy runner is the starting pt guard on the varsity basketball team as a soph. supports your assine statement.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one commenting on the white woman embezzled from her employer. Like when the mexicsn girl stole from her employer a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

maybe because she is white why else. people around here are so damn racist and blind they think their own kind doesn't do crap like that. she stole around the same amount of money as the mexican chick but yet no one wants to talk crap about the white chick. ignorant people thats all i can say!