Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • As mentioned below, my laptop died.  I was working last night with a yellow pad and a pen which caused a huge question mark to form over the head of the Third Grader In The House.
  • They are re-opening the investigation of the death of Natalie Wood?  I smell some law enforcement officials who wants to be on TV.
  • I heard a conversation on the radio this morning about how DFW neighborhoods are becoming increasingly rundown. One caller said a bunch of the "Pitbull element" moved into his area. The host told the audience that that wasn't a reference to race. I'm not sure the host knows who Pitbull is.
  • This month's Texas Monthly has a feature of The 40 Best Breakfast Places. The thought of starting out my day bloated after a big meal has never been appealing to me.
  • This morning news broke of two Oklahoma State women's basketball coaches dying in a plane crash while on a recruiting trip. In 2001, a plane crash took the lives of 10 men who were associated with Oklahoma State's men's team. 
  • Buried in the Dallas Morning News: "A 14-year-old boy with spina bifida used a 'mechanics creeper' to get around the Bridgeport Health Care Center in Wise County." (Link with picture.)
  • The war with the Neighbor Boys behind the Family Household has been in a truce for months now.  Oddly, the entire family disappears for the entire summer which probably has something to do with it. 
  • Urination and Black Friday in Denton? Don't ask.
  • TCU raises it's annual tuition to $34,500. (Callback Side note: I wonder if that "Graham Cracker" guy won the student body election?)
  • I'm excited about college football tomorrow and the fact that both Baylor's basketball teams are ranked. You know what my house is excited about?: Twilight.
  • Back to trial. Back to brain exhaustion.