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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • CBS News basically lied in its promotion of an interview of a key figure in the Penn State scandal last night. It was 24 seconds of nothing that led the CBS Evening News.  You know, I think I heard somewhere that you can't trust the liberal media.
  • If I ever protested anything, I'd probably get bored after an hour and a half.
  • The new Twilight movie, which is another sequel, is subtitled "Part I". So now we are going to have sequels of sequels. Or maybe you call them sub-sequels. 
  • The paternity suit against Justin Bieber has already been dismissed.  They missed a great chance for great ratings on a Maury Povich "You Are Not The Father" episode.
  • A bad wreck this morning at FM 2123 and FM 51.  That intersection has to be in the Top 3 of deadliest intersections in Wise County. 
  • I had a new DWI client yesterday that caused me to spend time researching whether his initial detention was legal -- it was based on having a temporary tag in his back windshield instead of on the back of the vehicle. And then, low and behold, an article today out of Austin points out that since September 1st, because of a legislative screwup, it may no longer be illegal in Texas to not display a license plate at all. (Credit: Bud Kennedy)
  • College football: (1) Houston Nutt got fired at Ole Miss but was allowed to coach the last three games. So now he suspends his quarterback and leading rusher. For spite? (2) OU's quarterback had his tires stolen off his truck - picture, (3) Coach Gary Patterson was gutsy to go for two against Boise on Saturday especially since when they first lined up there was absolute chaos before a timeout was called, (4) The Big East gets an automatic bid to a BCS bowl but they don't have a single team in the BCS Top 25 Rankings this week, (5) Houston may be the worst unbeaten team ever.
  • Every time I hear "Has anyone seen the Family Cat?", I have a sense of hope well up inside of me.
  • Britney Spears new bikini pics. Now I'll be able to make it to the weekend. 
  • Someone posted a 48 minute video on youtube showing, apparently, the Wise County Sheriff's Office responding to a criminal trespass call in the the lobby of Newark City Hall. Cops show up at 41:00 mark. Not sure what the purpose of this is. 
  • Anyone have the video of Channel 8's Dale Hansen telling Gloria Campos that she must have spent the weekend in a Motel 6 because her dress looks like it was made from its drapes? (Sunday night.) 
  • Facebook got hit with some porn spam attack yesterday. In other news, Facebook finally got interesting yesterday.
  • Remember that Super Committee that was formed by law in order to avoid the debt ceiling debacle a couple of months back? Their deadline for a budget cut plan is November 23rd or automatic cuts go into effect. 
  • Someone made a great point yesterday. If everyone hunts deer for the meat, why isn't deer meat marketed in grocery stores since it apparently is so popular?