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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • CBS News basically lied in its promotion of an interview of a key figure in the Penn State scandal last night. It was 24 seconds of nothing that led the CBS Evening News.  You know, I think I heard somewhere that you can't trust the liberal media.
  • If I ever protested anything, I'd probably get bored after an hour and a half.
  • The new Twilight movie, which is another sequel, is subtitled "Part I". So now we are going to have sequels of sequels. Or maybe you call them sub-sequels. 
  • The paternity suit against Justin Bieber has already been dismissed.  They missed a great chance for great ratings on a Maury Povich "You Are Not The Father" episode.
  • A bad wreck this morning at FM 2123 and FM 51.  That intersection has to be in the Top 3 of deadliest intersections in Wise County. 
  • I had a new DWI client yesterday that caused me to spend time researching whether his initial detention was legal -- it was based on having a temporary tag in his back windshield instead of on the back of the vehicle. And then, low and behold, an article today out of Austin points out that since September 1st, because of a legislative screwup, it may no longer be illegal in Texas to not display a license plate at all. (Credit: Bud Kennedy)
  • College football: (1) Houston Nutt got fired at Ole Miss but was allowed to coach the last three games. So now he suspends his quarterback and leading rusher. For spite? (2) OU's quarterback had his tires stolen off his truck - picture, (3) Coach Gary Patterson was gutsy to go for two against Boise on Saturday especially since when they first lined up there was absolute chaos before a timeout was called, (4) The Big East gets an automatic bid to a BCS bowl but they don't have a single team in the BCS Top 25 Rankings this week, (5) Houston may be the worst unbeaten team ever.
  • Every time I hear "Has anyone seen the Family Cat?", I have a sense of hope well up inside of me.
  • Britney Spears new bikini pics. Now I'll be able to make it to the weekend. 
  • Someone posted a 48 minute video on youtube showing, apparently, the Wise County Sheriff's Office responding to a criminal trespass call in the the lobby of Newark City Hall. Cops show up at 41:00 mark. Not sure what the purpose of this is. 
  • Anyone have the video of Channel 8's Dale Hansen telling Gloria Campos that she must have spent the weekend in a Motel 6 because her dress looks like it was made from its drapes? (Sunday night.) 
  • Facebook got hit with some porn spam attack yesterday. In other news, Facebook finally got interesting yesterday.
  • Remember that Super Committee that was formed by law in order to avoid the debt ceiling debacle a couple of months back? Their deadline for a budget cut plan is November 23rd or automatic cuts go into effect. 
  • Someone made a great point yesterday. If everyone hunts deer for the meat, why isn't deer meat marketed in grocery stores since it apparently is so popular?


Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
3 out of 5
Not bad

Anonymous said...

Help me here. Woman has illegal sex with a minor, Justin Bieber, for which she could go to jail. She then claims that in the process of her statuary rape of the victim she got pregnant so she wants his money.

Have any of the school teachers having sex with their students filed suite for child support from their victims?

Anonymous said...

CBS, The network that brought you Dan Rather.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about her constantly changing body; Britney has one of the best backsides out there. I, for one, find this to be a far better look than some meth'd out looking "super" model.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the revised Transportation Code has a catch-all punishment level provision where it says in so many words--"any offense without a punishment specified is considered to be a Class C Misdemeanor" or such. I think the old Transportation Code had this language in it. Might cover the omission. Otherwise, since it clearly says its illegal, it might still be effective for detention purposes, just no punishment? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

That Newark video was brought to you by the same bunch who complains about anything going on in Newark and complains that anything the city does is illegal.

They have posted it on their FB page also.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and the super committee cuts don't go into effect until January of 2013 AFTER the election. How political can this be?

wordkyle said...

With the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare coming just a few months before the 2012 election, the Liberal media has another chance to control the election. How much coverage will the media give Justice Elena Kagan's refusal to recuse herself from hearing the case (which she certainly will?) And before anyone screams "Clarence Thomas!" read 28 U.S.C. § 455(b)(3). Elena Kagan's e-mails fit it to a T. But have you heard anything about it in the mainstream media?

Anonymous said...

The trespass was issued to ward of Occupy Newark which we had purdy good intel was in the beginning stages.

The Devil said...

It looks to me like they took Landry Jones wheels and tires. I doubt they would have taken the time to break down the tires from the rims to just steal the tires.

Anonymous said...

LOL about the the cat. I do the same thing with the family dog!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your attempt to stir the pot with your randon college football comments, but was wondering what you base your "Houston may be the worst unbeaten team ever."?

They have the leading all-time NCAA statistical leader at quarterback. They have more than dominated their opponents and appear to be getting stronger as they go.

True, their schedule is not as tough as some BCS eligible confrences (Big East excluded), but until the powers that be either institute an actual playoff or the NCAA demotes them from D1 status, your worst EVER argument could use a little more research and factual support.

Anonymous said...

See McQueery? See the face of a liar? I do. And the Liberal media? Puleeez...what a bunch of half truth idiots. Something tells me Mr. McQueery is wanting Jerry Sandusky's position so he started all this.

He claims to have stopped a so called "rape" and then reported it to the police. What did the police do at the time? Nothing. Because there was nothing proving it was a "rape".

Someone in the state department should inform all police officers about that new license plate law because we are sick and tired of arguing with them about it every time we are pulled over.

Wild game is marketed in Brookshires right next to the beer and in meat markets all over.

Anonymous said...

It is illegal to sell Texas game--Thus, you'll never find Texas bass, dove, venison etc. in the store. If you buy venison at a restaurant, it's usually axis or another, non-native variety.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice, counselor of law, that you got more comments on the deer murder picture than your daily random gets? Which just proves what we have always known: we care about the death of animals more than we do people. Cute little cudly shits that eat your flowers that they are.

Anonymous said...

"Or maybe you call them sub-sequels."

I prefer to call them....crap.

Anonymous said...

The License Plate law change isn't effecive until January 1.

Horn Dog said...

Jerry Sadusky didn't have a position

Anonymous said...


If the alleged victim was a minor, Sandusky broke the law as soon as he made sexual contact with him in the shower, penetration or no penetration.

Maybe Sandusky's junior shower buddy should have had a medical exam to see if there was any evidence of anal penetration.

Maybe Sandusky's junior shower buddy should have been identified and interviewed.

Maybe the police should have pursued other leads to see if there were potentially prior victims.

Maybe a full investigation should have taken place at the time the incident was reported.

Anonymous said...

If everyone hunts deer for the meat, why isn't deer meat marketed in grocery stores since it apparently is so popular?

Hunters are not allowed to harvest an unlimited number of deer.

Go back to eating your McRib, Straw Man Green.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

You can buy wild game in a lot of stores. But remember, the Bison, Elk, etc. you find there are much, much bigger than a whitetail. Much more like a cow.

White tail does are small. Most uneducated people look at them and think they are fawns, or bambis. Sorry, the reality is that even a mature doe is still a fairly small game animal here in Texas. The amount of money you would spend buying your herd, feeding it out, and harvesting does would make it some kind of expensive per pound. It expensive anyway just hunting it.

Lots of people hate the taste of Venison. Oh well, lots of us love it. And not the Soak-it-overnight-in-milk-so-I-can-get-the-"Gamey"-taste-out-of-it taste. We like the fresh-doe-backstrap-grilled-medium-on-a-wood-fire taste. We like the fresh-ground-venison-burger taste. We like the jalapeno-cheese-venison-summer-sausage-from-Muenster taste.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Great point 9:44. Texas Wildlife is owned by the State. And it is illegal to sell Texas Wildlife for consumption, I believe.

As I mentioned, you can buy Whitetail and other varieties and raise them yourselves. And it would cost a buttload per pound.

Most venison meat I see advertised is Fallow. (Which is almost as good as Axis as far as taste goes.)

Anonymous said...

Another key point on the selling of deer meat or venison that has been overlooked by you guys is that the price per pound would be somewhere around $815.27. this is based upon my last hunting season expenses. $275.17 was on whiskey.
$15.00 on bullets. That's why you don't find deer at Walmart! (Well, that and the fact that you will be looking at 47% of the customers in the store will be wearing camo at any given time thus scaring away damn furry corn stealers).

Anonymous said...

No, we haven't heard anything about it, Wordkyle (in answer to your last question).....

..but for sure, you will tell us.


Anonymous said...

Ok, anti-deer hunters, yeah it's not really much of a sport the way it's done; neither is driving around in a golf cart and drinking a half case of beer while trying to whack a ball you can't see any more ... get over it. Ok, deer hunters, give up all the crap about how you LUUUUV the meat and you are "harvesting" the animal to assist God with natural selection; admit you just wanta shoot up shit ... get over it. Can't we talk about something else.

Anonymous said...

9:44 did I say "Texas game". Pay attention I said wild game. You know, things normally in the wild.


Triple Fake... said...

Mmmmmm, beer...doh! I mean, mmmmmm, deer!

I've got it! Mmmmmmmm, beer and deer!

Triple Fake Homer

Anonymous said...

we care about the death of animals more than we do people.

Of course! Animals are ten times better than the people who take up space on this earth.

Boy, you could learn a thing or two. How about opening your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:27

Could be that our Bridgeport born, Decatur wanna-be blogmeister is subconsciously snacking on a few sour grapes from the '04 playoff defeat at the hands of Case Keenum and their arch nemesis Abilene Wylie.

The Devil said...

I don't find venison "gamey" at all. If it is cleaned properly and promptly then the "gamey" flavor many have encountered is non-existent. It is much like the fish smelling fishy reasoning that keeps many folks from eating seafood. If fish smells fishy it is not fresh, don't eat it. If game is "gamey" it probably wasn't cleaned properly.

Often times when you take deer to be processed you do not get your own deer back. You just get an estimated poundage based off the initial weight of your deer and the cuts, sausage, jerky that you selected. I usually process my own deer because of this. Some places will guarantee you get back the meat from your deer.

For those who would like a good starter recipe for venison, try backstrap fajitas. This is good if you are not sure you like it because you have a lot of seasoning and flavors going on. Last night I dined on Venison medallions over goat cheese grits, with a brandy creme sauce. If you do venison burgers cut the ground venison with some pork sausage or ground pork. This will keep your burger from being dry and will add flavor.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Ohhhhhh Britney!

CT said...

McQuery, or however you spell that idiot's name, should have STOPPED the rape or molestation in the damn shower, kicked Sandusky's a**, then reported it to higher ups AND the police. It is what any normal person would have done. Idol, boss, whatever Sandusky is/was to that idiot, no child should have been in the damn shower with him!!

Anonymous said...

Houston may be the worst unbeaten team ever.... no doubt. Great sports point.

They haven't played anyone worth bragging about beating. And 15 QB's in college would put up those numbers their QB has ... no biggie.

wordkyle said...

1032 - Hey Beavis, I just did.

Anonymous said...

You said it all!! I agree!!

Anonymous said...

Deer obituary: She was the most well-respected doe in her pack and she had the most beautiful blue eyes.

Redneck deer hunter: Yeah, man, one blew this way and one blew that way. Bahahahahaha!!! Gimme another one Bubba.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, The Obammypods that protest wouldn't want you to occupy with them if you aren't going to stick around long enough to get scabies, ringworm, head lice, raped or shot, arrested or shit in the street. They wan't people that can take it. Metrosexuals need not apply.

Anonymous said...

One doe to another as they walked out of the woods, "I'll never do that for two bucks again."

Anonymous said...

Two big black bucks talking: hey, man, my hoofs are full, can you get dat doe fo me?

Anonymous said...

No one on here has said it, or Barry isn't letting it go through, but today's RT girl looks a WHOLE LOT like the youngest daughter of one of the local male court reporters. Is that you, Whit?

Anonymous said...


Reading comprehension is apparently not one of your greater skills.

1. He did stop it.

2. He did report the incident to his superior.

3. He purportedly(look it up) went to the police over the incident.

4. A physical confrontation with Sandusky could have potentially resulted in assault and battery charges, or some variation of same.

Anonymous said...

2:00 and 2:47

U r stupid.

RPM said...

Brittney's starting a backfat roll. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Newark has become better than Rhome.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now 4:05, both I and 2:00 resent and resemble that remark ... stupid is as stupid ... uh ... uh ... uh ... somebody famous said somethin about that but i caint remembr it. Did you hear about the buck who filed for bankruptcy with BARRY GREEN? He committed suicide ... but his last words were (come on, u all know it) ... I AIN'T GOT NO DOE.

Anonymous said...

Deer? Well only some of the ones that hunt, eat it.The rest of us would not buy it.
On the license plate stop... Must have been in wise co cause we know they look for anything to keep u from getting where your going. Boredom on their part, irritation on ours!

kevin said...

Hi Barry:

There are a bunch of reasons why you don't see venison more often in restaurants and grocery stores, which is a shame because it is delicious.

One issue is simply the cost. Animals like Deer, like Bison, Elk, Ostrich, etc... have not been bred intensively so much over centuries to be docile, sedentary, and most importantly to produce lots of meat. The result is that the meat from game animals is comparatively more expensive. The expense factor is probably the number one thing why you don't see more people buying game meat more often.

Another major issue is that truly wild game cannot be sold commercially. My understanding is that this is to prevent poaching. Bottom line, when you buy "wild boar" or some such thing at a restaurant or butcher shop, it's not really wild. Nobody hunted it and killed it. All game animals commercially available are raised on ranches, just like cattle, albeit less intensively.

Finally (I'm trying to keep this short, really) there is the issue of meat processing. The USDA regulates this in a very strict way. My mother living in the Hill Country was on a committee to deal with the terrific overpopulation of deer in her community. What they wanted to do was hire a professional (i.e. sniper) to cull the herd. Then they would donate the meat to charity, a homeless shelter I believe. The problem was that in order to comply with regulations this would have required hiring a butcher with a USDA certified mobile processing truck. This proved to be cost prohibitive. In other words, so far as venison goes, even in a community that is overrun with starving deer, you can't give the meat away.

Yes this bothers me a bit, considering what goes on in commercial feed lots.