Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The entire city of Bridgeport was without power as of 4:30 a.m. and the situation hadn't changed as of 45 minutes ago (per the Update.)  You boys got your lights on yet? And what in the heck could possibly cause that?
  • At least one local news outlet (KXAS) has a "countdown clock" for the federal government shutdown. Silly. Just silly. 
  • Christie Brinkley at 57 is still a definite "Hey, Now."
  • It can't possibly be true that the crazy Arizona Sheriff was in Austin yesterday to advise the legislature about a "tent city" jail. (Since I've followed his self-serving and redneck twitter posts, he's really risen very high on my Drives Me Crazy List.)
  • The Ticket made a reference to Wise County and Meth yesterday. If I had to guess and the breakdown of drugs cases in the county, I'd go 50% meth, 45% marijuana, and 5% other. (It's incredibly rare to see cocaine, ecstasy, heroine, or the like.)
  • And I bet 90% of the drug cases originate out of traffic stops completely unrelated to a drug investigation. 
  • The amount of time that is spent cleaning inside a household is staggering: Whether it be dishes, counters, rugs, clothes, or the human body, that's a lot of time. 
  • I heard about some officer in Mesquite pepper spraying a baby squirrel (yep, you read that right), but somehow I completely missed the video!  (Any bets the officer's report reads "The squirrel was not complying with my commands, made threatening gestures to such an extent that I feared for my safety and the safety of others, so I used reasonable force to obtain compliance.")
  • Mrs. LL woke up early and completely screwed up my morning routine. 
  • Hot sideline reporter apparently doesn't like fried food (and the cook looks like a young "have you seen my stapler" guy from Office Space.)
  • The Texas House bans texting while driving but you would still be allowed to read texts and fiddle with a GPS device. Sounds like an enforceable law.
  • And one lawmaker actually threw out the "if it saves one life" card. Hate that argument. I could advocate a law that requires crash helmets and flame resistant body suits while driving because it would certainly "save one life."
  • FBI: The Vault looks interesting.
  • I heard the Texas NASCAR race was moved to Saturday night so as not to conflict with the Master's final round on Sunday.  As odd as it sounds, I bet the average NASCAR fan is a huge golf fan. 
  • Crazy story: A sex offender in Fort Worth facing new charges kills a homeless man and then burns him in his (the sex offender's) own  car in order to fake his own death. That is dark. 
  • There should never be a remake of Arthur. And there definitely should not be a remake of Arthur starring Russell Bland. 
  • Viral video from yesterday: Guy cleans Cobra Pit where he is surrounded by cobras looking at him like even they think he's crazy.