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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • NASCAR comes back to Texas this week , and I noticed that the big race is Saturday night instead of Sunday afternoon. I'm no major marketer, but wouldn't you want that massive crowd to stick around an extra day?
  • Wise County Attorney James Stainton won the Liberally Lean Pick Em Tourney (final standings.). I hypothetically got a text from him last night that read "Winning". I'll never hear the end of this.
  • Playing that tournament hasn't been as much fun ever since I (finally) figured out that the first and second round picks matter only a tiny fraction of what the final picks do. Example: The top three finishers in our tournament had one thing in common: They all picked UConn to win. 
  • Somebody help me out: Is Butler shooting 18% good basketball?
  • And a collective groan across the nation went up when Jim Nantz closed the game out last night by saying that UConn was the "Top Dog" and was also "The Best In Show." (Get it? Two teams with dog mascots? See what he did there? Ugh.)
  • Family Cat made a break for it last night into the backyard. The Family Dog then chased her back and forth for 15 minutes until, unfortunately, Mrs. LL corralled the feline.
  • The Update lists 10 death announcements today. Record?
  • The Star-Telegram sure is user friendly when it provides a hyperlink directly within a news story to "an adult dating site" that contains "inappropriate images" 
  • Last night the Rangers gave each fan a  commemorative copy of their American League Championship ring. I just want to meet any adult who would wear it to work today.
  • A "tornado" touches down during a soccer game.
  • Mrs. LL has unleashed some unknown chemicals on our shower and has disassembled various handles, panels and seals for cleaning. I'm not sure the Japanese are attacking the nuclear reactors that hard.
  • The Obama Administration now announces that John Belushi look alike and 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried by a military tribunal instead of in a federal district court in New York as previously announced. They need to get their act together on this.
  • And I'm the only one that cares, but we've shamefully held all those "suspected terrorists" for nearly a decade without a trial. If they "hated us for our freedom", they've got to be very confused by now.
  • Someone sent this pic to me as a suggested Random Thought Girl(s). I wonder if that is Lake Bridgeport in the background?