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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you know Windex takes out fingernail polish out of the carpet? Did you know we found that out during a state of carpet emergency yesterday?
  • Weird: Charlie Sheen is royally booed in Detroit on Friday but gets a standing ovation in Chicago last night.
  • On Friday, a Southwest Airlines plane developed a hole in the passenger compartment at 36,000 feet. I always thought the chances of someone being sucked out of the plane in a situation like that was almost a given. 
  • Some news organizations are recalling an incredible story (and photo) from 1988 when an Aloha Airliner lost part of its fuselage -- and a flight attendant -- midair.
  • Highway 114 is getting a bridge at FM51 per the Update. I like the concept since it will provide entrance and exit ramps, but aren't there other places in the county where such a design could be used?
  • The Lady Aggies are going to the National Championship game. They are a scrappy bunch. (And they'll avoid two time defending champ Connecticut who lost last night.)
  • From the "How did I miss this?" Department: Former Mav Steve Nash made waves last December when he filed for divorce one day after his wife gave birth because, uh, the baby didn't exactly look like him
  • Wow: A random lawyer I keep up with who blogs in Harris County wrote in 2008 about an old and mentally disturb friend of his who showed up looking for him at the courthouse. The blog post was basically a "how can I help him?" story.  Flash forward three years and miles away: That same man walked into his parents' house and shot his father dead on Sunday in San Antonio. (Links.)
  • Uh, if we are so worried about "spreading democracy and freedom" we might want to pay attention to 1,000 civilians being killed in the Ivory Coast over a three day period.
  • What's left of the Liberally Lean Tourney Pick 'Em is here. The Wise County Attorney will win it all if UConn wins tonight -- and he'll never let me forget it.  If Butler wins, someone named "SweetGRubes" wins (that's a Ticket reference, by the way.)
  • Before you jump me about my prediction that the Rangers won't make the playoffs (they went 3-0 over the weekend), there are 159 more games left. (And did you see that Former-Rangers-Rent-A-Pitcher Cliff Lee pitched seven innings, struck out eleven, and walked none. That's how you win.)
  • Outside of Rangers' Manager Ron Washington's modest house in New Orleans is the word "NIGGERS" which has been etched into concrete on the sidewalk. He said it was there when he bought the house in 1986 and has never spent the couple of hundred of bucks to replace it. (Story).