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Verdict: Not Guilty

Being a criminal defense lawyer is a tough job. There aren't many times you get simply enjoy a moment, but I had one this morning.

The facts of that case weren't great for the State, but they'd rather try it than dismiss it or reduce the charge. Can't blame them for that.They even made a reasonable DWI plea bargain offer before trial, but my client wouldn't accept it because he said he wasn't guilty. Can't blame him for that.

And a shout out to 5:41 PM. Can't blame me for that.

Edit: Ok, I might have been a little giddy and texted the wife, "I had not guilties shooting out of my eyes. Boom. Winning. Next case."

A funny moment happened after the trial as I was sitting in the courtroom by myself (I always do that). An older gentleman came in and said he had some time and was just looking around the courthouse. I pointed out a couple of things (like how all the woodwork was done by hand by an inmate), and then he said, "Let me give you my card in case you ever need me." I read it and smiled and he left the courtroom laughing.
But does "AB5QU" have any significance?