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175th Anniversary of the Birth Of The Republic Of Texas

Quick questions:
1. How long was Texas a nation?
2. How many different presidents did it have?
3. Where was its final capitol location?
4. What university received its charter during the nation's brief life?
5. A 175th anniversary is called what?
6. What did the first president do that many considered treasonous?

Answers below

1. 10 years
2. 4 (Although Sam Houston served two non-consecutive terms)
3. Houston
4. Baylor
5. Terquasquicentennial
6. After the Battle of San Jacinto, he (David G. Burnet)  negotiated a treaty allowing Santa Anna to return safely to Mexico in exchange for all Mexican troops withdrawing below the Rio Grande.

The Wikipedia page. There's very little I know about the brief Republic of Texas.