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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We've seen gas prices like this before, but I don't think we've ever seen them rise so much from one day to the next. They'll jump 10 to 15 cents a day. 
  • Conspiracy theory that even I don't believe: What if this Charlie Sheen bit is all a publicity stunt to promote Two and Half Men with the entire cast, crew and producers being in on it? If he were to rejoin the show, wouldn't its audience almost double simply out of curiosity's sake?
  • Then again, he's started a Twitter account last night and is already "retweeting" using the techi-understood format. That's a little suspect.
  • The guy that was shot by a cop in Fort Worth was referred to, without qualification, as a "drug dealer" last night on Fox 4. This morning they referred to him as an "alleged drug dealer".
  • Mrs. LL claims I talk in my sleep. She proved it last night when I awoke to catch myself saying, "But they are stealing the trampoline" over and over again. (She kept saying "What?" until I pulled out of my slumber.)
  • One of the silliest shows ever is The Bachelor.
  • Watched a 2nd Grade softball practice last night. I'm not sure that's softball that's being played amongst the chaos.
  • "Pope Benedict exonerates Jews for Jesus' death." I'm sure they're relieved. 
  • It's getting close to March Madness and last year this blog ran a Tournament Pick 'Em pool with the winner receiving a $150 gift certificate to Stagecoach Steakhouse in Bridgeport. If any merchant would think about donating a prize for first, second or third place, give me a shout. It's an advertising bargain for a four week tournament. (Last year's final standings.) 
  • Texas lawyers overwhelming rejected ethic reforms proposed by the State Bar last month -- mostly for complicated reasons dealing with fees, accounting, and trusts. But one proposed reform that got rejected in the landslide was one prohibiting sex with clients.  I'm surprised the media hasn't picked up on this because it would give rise to some great headlines. 
  • Cute: Baby laughing at paper ripping
  • That Frank Luntz guy on Fox News (who apparently has free reign to pimp his new book 24/7), comes across as a snake oil salesman to me. 
  • DPS has advised college students to avoid Mexico for Spring Break. I understand warnings for border towns such as Juarez, but this warning includes all of Mexico. Really? DPS says not to go to Cancun or Cabo San Lucas? I guess the government does promote fear.
  • Just glanced through the job openings in the Messenger and saw a lot for Commercial Driver's with two years experience. Are those good driving jobs or a beating?
  • Sports Illustrated released a story today about the number of players with criminal records in college football. Looking at their chart for last year's pre-season Top 25, TCU and the Evil Empire have nothing to be ashamed of.