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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Trials are exhausting. Mine raps wraps up this morning with closing arguments.
  • At least one blog reader was on the jury panel yesterday. He didn't make it to the final jury, but he emailed me last night with some kind words.
  • There was an article in a legal journal the other day that lawyers should use Facebook to do research on potential jurors. That's a great idea except most Facebook profiles are private and your typical Wise County panel isn't the best demographic for being Facebook users.
  • But yesterday, while the State was conducting voir dire, I checked out one young guy on the panel with Facebook. I'll be dang, I had a hit and was able to find out some important information about him. I ended up cutting him from the panel.
  • The murder of the pastor at Northpointe Baptist Church in Arlington is shocking. Beaten to death in the church. No matter how strong your faith, that would have to rock it.
  • Fox 4 reported this morning that charges against a Midlothian City Councilman for Indececncy With A Child had been dismissed because the victim recanted. A quick Internet search revealed that the girl had recanted even before he was indicted. Another case of reckless prosecution.
  • I don't follow UFC, but based upon everyone talking about it, it has already exceeded boxing in popularity.
  • To all you folks that make comments about the Alvord ISD situation, a lot of those won't go through because they make some allegations which don't seem to be part of the public record.
  • The trees that have the white blooms on them will probably peak in about a week. That is, unless a freeze doesn't get them this weekend. I'd hate that. 
  • Mazda issues a recall for the weirdest reason ever: Spiders.
  • I'm still not sure about the iPad (even though the original's price is going to drop next week.) 
  • The deadline for the NFL owners and Players Union to hammer out an agreement was supposed to expire yesterday when a lockout was supposed to occur, but the two agree to extend it 24 hours. That's just for show. They are miles apart and the extension is just a PR ploy to make you believe they are really trying to resolve the issue.
  • Loved the video of the last second shot yesterday that I posted. Well, here's one of a kid almost getting killed while getting undercut. 
  • Unemployment dipped to 8.9% this morning. Let me say it again: If the economy turns around, and by all signs it is, Obama is a shoe-in for re-election.