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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Elizabeth Taylor has died. I honestly don't recall ever seeing one of her movies, but she's probably more famous for eventually just being Elizabeth Taylor than for being an actress. (Nope, haven't seen Giant, Cleopatra, or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.)
  • Nothing like walking out to the car first thing in the morning and seeing a flat tire. Beating. 
  • I did yard work last night for the first time this year. Amazingly, the lawnmower and the weedeater cranked up with little problem. I was prepared for Tired Arm.
  • And I'll be mowing until late September.
  • The Update today says that Decatur ISD has a teacher buy-out program where it is possible for some of them to get $10,000?
  • Cowboy Dez Bryant gets banned from Northpark Mall because he wouldn't pull his pants up and was cussing?  That's Boy Scout conduct compared to Michael Irvin back in the day.
  • Then Bryant tweets that he's going back to that mall today. I hope that's true.
  • Radiation in the water supply in Japan is bad news. Very bad news. 
  • Some lady on WBAP this morning asked a national reporter in Japan if she had noticed a decline in tourism. Really.
  • The kid and his parents who are promoting on national shows their best selling book, "The Boy Who Went To Heaven", are liars.
  • I was watching Baylor's women's basketball team last night (fantastic, by the way) and I noticed that one of their players closes one eye when she shoots free throws because she has been having vision problems. Uh, something called "depth perception" tells me you can't do that and be successful.
  • Chris Brown gets asked on Good Morning America about assaulting Rihanna so he assaults his dressing room after the interview.