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Let's All Sit Around And Second Guess The Police

This happened over St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia and that's about all I know. It starts out as a girl fight but the cops come in at the 1:30 mark.  Then the guy to the right of the screen will take a blow from a baton to his leg and goes down. One of the girls who was in the fight then takes about four blows to the leg but (amazingly) doesn't go down. For some reason, she walks away a little bit later and a cop goes and retrieves her by her belt loop and deposits her none to softly onto the ground.

If they are disobeying commands to get on the ground, then reasonable force can certainly be used. But this policy of beating someone with a stick to get them to go down seems a bit overkill.

Language Warning: For some reason, the Internet has proven that anyone who enjoys filming street fights also loves to cuss. Turn the volume off if easily offended (but you will miss the baton whacking sound.)