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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I would have never thought that a mayor and city councilman would get into a fight at City Hall in Tarrant County before such a thing happened in Wise County. Although Newark came close a few months back. 
  • Was in line at a Subway yesterday when a lady panicked as she was checking out because she had lost a $50 bill. And there it was on the floor about 10 feet back -- none of us in line had seen it.
  • By the way, do you have to mop the floor right beside me while I try to eat my tasty Subway sandwich? Roasted chicken while looking at dirty mop water is not my idea of a pleasant dining experience. 
  • Baylor was within an eyelash of being in the Final Four last year and this year they won't even make the tournament.
  • And last night they lose to Oklahoma after the Bears presumed NBA Lottery Pick freshman player (how, I have no idea) was declared ineligible because his mom took some 15 day loans from a coach while her son was in high school. (The kid claimed he knew nothing about which apparently works if you're Cam Newton at Auburn but no where else.)
  • Fox 4's Fiona out on the town on Tuesday with The Fan's afternoon crew.
  • When the docket first came out, 75 criminal defendants were supposed to be in the Wise County Court at Law this morning. It's been trimmed some, but it's going to be a madhouse. 
  • If you know what "Boom Goes The Dynamite" is, you'll enjoy this.
  • Despite state funding being slashed to local schools, Gov. Perry said yesterday it's not the State's fault that teachers are being laid off. Just when you think he can't be anymore arrogant, he surprises you.
  • Rep. Peter King's hearings today on the "radicalization of Muslim Americans" borders on the bizarre. There's a reason they've been compared to McCarthyism. (Jon Stewart compared it to having a hearing on why all Italian Americans aren't doing more to stop the Mob.)
  • I wonder what the cop-per-person ratio is in Wise County. Man, it seems like we've got a ton of them on the streets. 
  • Over the last couple of days, the news has shown video of a hit and run in Uptown in Dallas of a (pretty hot) girl who was "enjoying a Friday night" out with her boyfriend. I stopped down this morning when I finally heard she was the "mother of five." 
  • Dumb but funny pic floating around yesterday: "Exclusive: Mr. Sheen On Coke"
  • Insane: Lake Highlands, who had been winless, beat Dallas Samuel 54-0 in both teams district high school baseball opener. (And the game was shortened to five innings due to the "mercy rule.") 
  • And the Waco paper gets featured because we have another multi-death trailer home fire: