Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • "Learn how much pecan pie will cost you this year!" - A tease from Channel 8 news last night
  • I had someone once tell me that I dance like Morrissey. I have no idea what that means.  Edit: Jarhead sent me this example of Morrissey dancing. No way. Not me! Not me!
  • I told you the Cowboys will never be successful so long as Wade Phillips is coach. Fear is the greatest motivator. He projects absoultely no fear.
  • I ate Friday night at Oyster Ranch and Seafood Grill off of Western Center. It was a raucous crowd with the Ranger game ongoing and pretty fun. But the food was somewhat marginal. 
  • A Rutgers player was paralyzed during a game, and the NFL had three vicious head to head hits this weekend (video of one of them). I've said it before: Someone is going to die. 
  • Denton County book-in photo for aggravated assault. Ouch.
  • Before noon on Saturday I had jogged, washed two cars, edged the yard, trimmed the bushes, and I think something else. 
  • June Cleaver has died.
  • Annalynne McCord is hot.
  • The video of the Trooper in Austin being an absolute jerk to a passenger is shocking (and it probably shouldn't be since he's been in trouble before.)
  • Funny: Dallas' final play to the Benny Hill theme.
  • Odd: A County Attorney makes some phone calls to an Assistant DA in an effort to get a case against the County Attorney's aunt dismissed and gets convicted for it. (Not Wise County.)
  • That was a crazy motorcycle crash in Wise County on Friday.