It's Officially Idiocracy In Amerca

Jackass 3-D leads the box office with $50 million? Really?

Folks, this country is to too dumb to make it another 100 years. Edit: An ironic grammatical error.

Unrelated random thoughts:

  • Kudos to the Rangers for coming back and winning on Saturday. After having your heart ripped out less than 24 hours before, that was borderline shocking.
  • When they go back to New York, take a look at that crowd. It'll be like 50,000 Turtles from Entourage. I'd pay big money to be there. 
  • I can't believe the Evil Empire beat Nebraska. 
  • Miles Austin leap frogging a standing Roy Williams? Impressive and almost worth the penalty.
  • I was able to successfully record and watch the Baylor game against Colorado this afternoon. Yep, went off the grid. And we have five wins!
  • For the first time during my weekly jogs, I'm beginning to feel old. That's a little scary. 
  • What happens when Crazy Texas Mom has a boyfriend who has tattoo of his ex-wife's name on his chest? Hilarity ensues.                  
  • This mayor does what?