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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Can we have this morning weather every morning? Fantastic.
  • "Tomorrow we'll take the dog out and talk some more like we always do. But this time even longer." - Second grader to me last night. Awwww.
  • Cowboys' prediction = Win. Arkansas prediction = Close but no cigar. Rangers' prediction = I'm still confident.
  • Might have to break down and get a new/used/whatever car for Mrs. LL today. Her's is close to giving up the ghost. (As vain as I am, I've never cared much for what I drive.)
  • Bridgeport motorcycle death. Awful.
  • Late Saturday night I heard loud music coming from down the street. I'm not irritated but I am nosy so I grab the new pooch and walk around the block looking for the source. I think I've found it when I look back and see the pooch take off like a rocket the other way and around the corner. I take off running after her in a panic because I'm a dead man if I lose the dog. Fortunately, she was sitting at the front door without a care in the world when I get back to the house. Dumb dog. Smart dog.
  • Those miners are still trapped in Chile.
  • The commercial where the tiny giraffe kisses the rich guy on the cheek causing him to laugh crazily makes me giggle.
  • I was sent to the grocery store to get "regular" Doritos. Talk about Confused Head as I stared at the chip aisle for five minutes. Did you know they stop making them years ago? But apparently the default regular Doritos are now nacho cheese flavor -- at least to someone in the household. (I bought Tostitos to the chagrin of the Family Unit.)
  • I think the Rangers won the East, but Josh Hamilton (because of his addiction problem) had to stay away from the clubhouse where champagne was flowing. If you listen to that guy talk, you can tell his brain is fried.
  • Does Roy Williams performance for the Cowboys make me think he's great? Nope. Makes me think how he must be dogging it 90% of the time. 
  • Oklahoma is a 4 point favorite over Texas. They both look awful. 
  • Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress on Friday is the closest thing to Idiocracy that I've seen. And I don't think that guy is funny for a second. Jon Stewart, yes. Colbert, no.
  • Guy in wheelchair gets run over in Florida game.