Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • George Lopez and his wife are getting a divorce after 17 years. I blame her for putting up with 17 years of bad humor. 
  • The elderly lady from Titanic died yesterday at 100 years of age. I'll never forgive her for throwing that necklace into the ocean. 
  • Funny animated GIF of Longhorn coed reacting to the Empire's destruction this weekend.
  • The new movie, The Social Network, seems to be the perfect storm: It's about Facebook which is used by millions of Americans, it will appeal to the young, and every reviewer so far over at Rotten Tomatoes has liked it. A box office bonanza is coming.
  • Replaced the Mrs LL car last night with a slightly used Chrysler 300. Observations: Car buying is a beating. Driving that car makes me feel like a gangsta. I think the rims are 20 inches which is just asking for them to get stolen. 
  • Saw the most smart arsed kid yesterday in district court who might have been high. I thought the judge was going to throw him jail. 
  • And there was a very odd Driving While License Invalid being tried to a jury in the County Court at Law. Not sure I've ever seen one of those taken to trial before. 
  • Amazingly clouds over the Kansas State stadium on Saturday.
  • Remember when every kid thought he was going to be rich by collecting Beanie Babies. 
  • NFL legend George Blanda died yesterday. He was the first non-Cowboy I really remember as a little kid, and I recalled yesterday sitting in my brother's room and watching Blanda kick a last minute field goal for Oakland to beat the Chiefs. Last night I saw one of those replays -- nostalgia set in. 
  • Fox Sports Southwest enters into a 20 year TV contract with the Texas Rangers for $1.6 billion? Really? They could have bought the team for $600 million and broad casted them forever. And would you have any faith in what "TV" will be like even ten years from now?
  • Cops getting tazed as practice -- all of whom sound like Chewbacca. 
  • Drove by Decatur High as it was letting out yesterday.  Isn't that a traffic design nightmare? One long. backed up road leading up to College Street that's not controlled by a red light.
  • Ages of deaths mentioned in the Update this morning: 38, 46, 22,  and 39.