Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Oops: Forgot to hit the "publish" button 30 minutes ago. 
  • I posted a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis the other day and now her famous dad, Tony Curtis, has died
  • There was a Texas Monthly article a couple of years ago (or more) recalling the famous University of Texas shooter of 1966. I wonder if it is online? That is one fascinating story (and the Dallas Morning News has a brief article about it today.)
  • Does any magazine sell more advertising than Texas Monthly?
  • I kind of scoffed when I heard a Driving With License Invalid/Suspended was being tried the other day in Wise County. Then I learned he was convicted and given 30 days in jail. What the heck?
  • And a DWI case is supposed to be tried today. I'll stick my head in on it like I always do.
  • There's a murder case set to go to trial next week in Decatur. I think it's the one that was the subject of this editorial entitled "Justice Delayed."
  • Before 6:00 a.m. yesterday I was standing in my yard over a dog repeating the phrase, "go tee-tee-potty."  And I was wearing a robe. 
  • Is this naval ship real?
  • I tagged along on a parent-teacher conference yesterday. The only question I asked was, "Is she behaving like she is supposed to?"  Thankfully, the answer was yes. 
  • Elementary schools are sensory overload. 
  • Unemployment claims fell sharply according to the news release this morning. And it seems like more and more companies are turning quarterly profits. I'm telling you, if this economy turns around Obama will win re-election with ease.
  • It seems like every time I turn on a news show there's a reference to a new documentary called "Waiting For Superman".  Something about improving public schools. I love documentaries. 
  • I've heard of "walk off home run" but I've never heard of a "walk off strike out" that the Rangers won with yesterday. 
  • I told the second grader "It's October!" this morning. I suspect I'm going to be seriously corrected by her when I get home.