Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • What a great Aggie/Oklahoma State game last night. (Hey, Ags, your quarterback is a knucklehead, and you would have won that game going away if you hadn't turned the ball over a million times.)
  • Repaving on 287 caused traffic to be backed up for two miles south of Decatur late yesterday afternoon.
  • Now it's October. (I didn't get chewed out because the little kid got home late with her momma and announced that she was tired and going to bed.)
  • Wow. In a few days, Germany will make a final payment of $97 million to complete it's obligations for damage caused during World War I pursuant to the Treaty of Versailles signed over 90 years ago.  World War I? What's the bill for World War II?
  • "World War" is one ominous sounding name.
  • I lost the bet to Mrs. LL about Jimmy Johnson's length of existence on Survivor. I thought it was a set up deal and he would hang around until the end for ratings. Now I think he just cut a deal of, "OK, I'll do this for a krillion dollars but get me out of there ASAP."
  • Weirdest DWI trial yesterday in Wise County Court at Law: On the DWLI trial on Monday, the Defendant decided to let the jury decide punishment but no "Application For Probation" had been filed (as required) so the jury couldn't give probation if they wanted to. They gave him 30 days in jail for a first offense. 
  • Some of the best metroplex criminal defense lawyers who try cases in Decatur always make the same mistake: They are hostile and condescending to the arresting officer. That may work in the big city, but you can't do that around here. 
  • Crazy memory: When Cowboy games used to be blacked out in the 1970s, people in Wise County would go outside and manually turn their rooftop antennas to pick up a grainy Wichita Falls channel to watch it. 
  • Horrible accidental death in Burleson last night.
  • Got a vicious comment yesterday going after a couple of bloggers on my list to the right. Sheesh. Don't make it so personal, and I might have let it go through. 
  • A jogger on Dallas' Katy Trail was critically injured when hit by a bicyclist. Her last name was "Huddleston" which I had never heard of outside of the Huddlestons from Bridgeport.
  • Texas/OU prediction: I think OU rolls because Texas can't run the ball.
  • I couldn't get a screenshot of the paper I wanted so I just found a random one out of California. Those folks are accused of killing a 15 year old girl. Reminded me of the movies Alpha Dog or Bully.