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University of North Texas And/Or Todd Dodge Is Cursed

Never were there more bigger expectations for UNT's football team when Todd Dodge left the non-humble confines as Southlake's head coach and went to Denton. However, it has been an unmitigated disaster. He went from this:

2002Southlake Carroll160  5A Division II state champions
2003Southlake Carroll151  lost title game 16-15 to Katy
2004Southlake Carroll160  5A Division II state champions
2005Southlake Carroll160  5A Division II state champions
2006Southlake Carroll160  5A Division I state champions

to this

North Texas Mean Green (Sun Belt Conference) (2007–present)
2007North Texas2–101–67th
2008North Texas1–110–78th
2009North Texas2–101–78th
2010North Texas0–30–0
North Texas:5–342–20

He started the season with about as big of a mandate as you could get from the athletic director: Win six games are you out. But he had hope because the team was actually getting some pretty good preseason predictions. But then

  • His starting quarterback hurt his hip and had to have surgery. Out for the year.
  • His backup, and I think it was in the next game, was also injured and out for the year.
  • Then, after turning to his son to play quarterback (who had been playing wide receiver), the kid breaks a wrist last weekend and now he's gone indefinitely.

That's some misery.

And if things couldn't get more bizarre:

North Texas receiver Tyler Stradford will miss two games following surgery for injuries he suffered trying to escape a dog at his apartment complex last week. UNT coach Todd Dodge said Stratford was running a way from the dog when he "jumped a fence, landed on a piece of lawn furniture and had a piece of pipe puncture four inches into his chest." He's expected to be back on Oct. 30, but seriously man, take all the time you need with that.