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University of North Texas And/Or Todd Dodge Is Cursed

Never were there more bigger expectations for UNT's football team when Todd Dodge left the non-humble confines as Southlake's head coach and went to Denton. However, it has been an unmitigated disaster. He went from this:

2002Southlake Carroll160  5A Division II state champions
2003Southlake Carroll151  lost title game 16-15 to Katy
2004Southlake Carroll160  5A Division II state champions
2005Southlake Carroll160  5A Division II state champions
2006Southlake Carroll160  5A Division I state champions

to this

North Texas Mean Green (Sun Belt Conference) (2007–present)
2007North Texas2–101–67th
2008North Texas1–110–78th
2009North Texas2–101–78th
2010North Texas0–30–0
North Texas:5–342–20

He started the season with about as big of a mandate as you could get from the athletic director: Win six games are you out. But he had hope because the team was actually getting some pretty good preseason predictions. But then

  • His starting quarterback hurt his hip and had to have surgery. Out for the year.
  • His backup, and I think it was in the next game, was also injured and out for the year.
  • Then, after turning to his son to play quarterback (who had been playing wide receiver), the kid breaks a wrist last weekend and now he's gone indefinitely.

That's some misery.

And if things couldn't get more bizarre:

North Texas receiver Tyler Stradford will miss two games following surgery for injuries he suffered trying to escape a dog at his apartment complex last week. UNT coach Todd Dodge said Stratford was running a way from the dog when he "jumped a fence, landed on a piece of lawn furniture and had a piece of pipe puncture four inches into his chest." He's expected to be back on Oct. 30, but seriously man, take all the time you need with that.


Candy Main said...

That guy has definitely pissed off the football gods; he should retire for his own sake, much less the teams

RPM said...

UNT's players all look like PeeWee kids compared to the other teams.

Anonymous said...

There are also approximately 10 more starters that have been injured since the start of the year and are out indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

He also had a player that died last week in a car accident.

Anonymous said...

They pay the players better at Southlake.

Anonymous said...

I think I hear the "Twilight Zone" tune playing in the background.

Anonymous said...

They should give him a mulligan year due to the injuries (17 total, last count) and the tragic death of Josh Rake.

Anonymous said...

Dodge has been overmatched at the college level since the get-go. He should have been fired long before this season. UNT needs to find a qualified college football coach. High school football coaches do not translate well to the college level. Granted this year has been brutal for Dodge and UNT but the reality remains that the program is going nowhere fast and with a new stadium on the horizon and the work that June Jones, a real college football coach, has done at SMU, its simple to see that changes are needed in Denton.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they need to hire a real college footbal coach to restore that program to its former glory...oh wait! Truth is the only coach they are going to get is a washed up college coach with nowhere else to go or an up an comer like Dodge was thought to be....either way it will be a while before they have a competitive program.

Anonymous said...

all the way to the bank!