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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 had an update on the Trooper-Smashes-Girl's-Face-Into-Wall case last night. The Dallas DA's office had earlier presented a felony case to the grand jury who refused to indict the trooper (wow). The next day the DA filed the misdemeanor case which doesn't require grand jury approval. At first I thought this was political grand standing by DA Craig Watkins, now I think he did the right thing.
  • Unless he holds a press conference about the case. 
  • That's still a shocking video. I've seen Troopers act like jerks but never cross the line like that.
  • The MDA Labor Day Telethon will be shortened to six hours next year. About time.
  • Fantastic job by the Rangers yesterday. Baseball is always about pitching. (And, yes, I'm on record predicting they would lose in the first round.)
  • Mrs. LL and I listened to Ron Washington's post game press conference just to listen for subject-predicate disagreements. We was not disappointed.
  • That Westboro Baptist Church case (the funeral protesters), which was heard in front of the Supreme Court yesterday, has some good facts for the crazy church. The guy suing them never saw them when he left the funeral yet sued for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.
  • There is some transgendered kid who wants to run for Homecoming Queen in the Dallas ISD -- don't we hear something like this every year? And the 7th grader of my Family Unit sure had a question mark form over her head as she walked past the TV when that story was on.
  • Speaking of, it's kind of hard to watch the news sometimes with kids in the house. 
  • An accused drunk driver smashed into a Dallas cop last night. The exact same thing happened a couple of weeks ago in Tarrant County.
  • There was that  weird case a couple of weeks ago where a boater was shot and killed from the Mexican side of Falcon Lake. I remember about 20 years ago that there was a warning issued about boating down the Rio Grande because of rifle fire from the Mexican side once you got into some canyon areas.
  • But Rick Perry is trying to capitalize on the boater shooting talking about how he wants to stomp out "border violence". As Texas Monthly pointed out a couple of months back, there really is no border violence on the Texas side (i.e. only one murder in El Paso through June despite widespread violence in Juarez.)
  • More "Cigar Guy" photoshops.
  • NFL Cheerleader "Hot and Not" in same pic from last weekend.