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In the 1990s, there were two huge lawsuits that took weeks to try in Wise County about this same issue. The first one ended up in a multi-million dollar verdict ($70 million?) but it was reversed on appeal because of a statute of limitations issues. The next one ended up in a verdict in favor of the defendants.

But there is a guy in Montague County suing for a "flaming faucet."


M-M said...

Last week they fracked a newly drilled well about a half mile from my house. I got this black scummy stuff in my brine tank of my softener system. Some friends of ours that live about the same distance from that well but going a different direction had their clothes they washed ruined because of black scummy spots on all the clothes. This also happened a couple of years ago when they fracked another well about the same distance.
I think these oil & gas companies lie when they deny that they contaminate water wells etc. And I think they are in with the railroad commission and that's why the railroad commission never finds them at fault for anything.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention it this week, but another great documentary on ESPN 30/30 "The Terry Fox Story". 21 yoa male that had leg amputated cause of cancer decided to run across Canada to raise $ for cancer research in the 1980's. He ran 26 miles a day for a total of 3,500 miles before he had to stop cause he was sick...cancer returned and he later died that year. It was a fantastic show.

Anonymous said...

Railroad commission is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Had "flaming faucet" once from eating at Dos Chilies.....

Anonymous said...

if done properly, "fracturing" should not effect the water table at all. The water is pumped way way deeper into a the formation than any water well should ever reach. Ask mr bisidas how many water disposal wells he has drilled for natural gas companies. Or for homes of people that drill or "frac" for the oilfield, or even oilfield related businesses. Pretty ballsy to expect money from the same people that have been paying you for these things for years. I admire your stones. Facts are facts though, if you live in a county that is totally consumed by oilfield activity for 31 years, you know what kind of environment you are in. People in Compton arent suing for gunshots, though probably more health hazardous, because that is the environment they chose to live in. I make my living and support my family off of oilfield wages. If you are unhappy, pack up your closet of extra small pocket tees and move on.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the Railroad Commission regulating oil and gas make any sense? At least change the name of it to something that sounds more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

9:18 How dare you suggest that we move if we don't like it? How dare the oil companies intentionally pollute our groundwater just to sae a few bucks on surface casing. This practice of setting surface casing just barely deep enough to protect the groundwater has to stop. They should be required to set surface to 1500 feet at least. With absolute proof that cement has bonded all the way. I have seen too many bond logs reflect insufficient bonding but ignored because a squeeze would be too expensive. I have tested my water while it is still good so I can have proof when it goes bad. If everyone did that, the oil companies would not be able to instill doubt in a juries' minds. Do the right thing. Attitudes like yours is why we have such a problem with the oil companies. This is my home too.


Jack Daniels said...

If these folks with the bad water were the royalty owners in these wells, reckon they would be complaining?

I'm just sayin

Anonymous said...

9:18 = moron. Nobody should have contaminated water as a result of the proper procedures not being followed.

Good input 9:43. I sent for test kits today as a well is being drilled 1/2 mile from our home.

Anonymous said...

This is our water for Rudy's sake, who really gives a crap about the loony, religious freak, narcissistic Phelps's.

Jeff Weems is the man for RRC. At least with him we'll get some level of environmentalism, experience, interest in local impact, and oversight. We must have accountability in aquifer casing inspections, cradle to grave.

He'll still be outnumbered 2-1 if he wins, but he'll be a voice and a liberal tie breaker.

My Other Brother Kyle

Anonymous said...

Send MzCreep...she can fix anything...

Anonymous said...

9:43- im not sure the "intentionally polluting" your water is exactly whats happening. If the action was intentional, then the surface casing wouldnt even be attempted. How deep is your water well? My guess would be that its not 1500 feet. Jack makes a great point, if it was your name on the sign we wouldnt hear a peep from you today. This is a battle that will never be won in a county (state) that is dominated by the oil and gas industry. Facts have proven that 72% of everyday products are made from petroleum products such as:

Shoe Polish
Roof shingles
Novelty Candy
Bug Killer
Paper cups
Wax paper

While your sipping on your coffee in a plastic cup riding to work in your Camry with new tires on a nice new asphalt road while putting on your cosmetics, you should think about your water.

Triple Fake Enron Exec

Anonymous said...

Didn't this guy drill three water wells on his property? Now he claims it is fracturing the gas well or the injection well that is contaminating his water.

Could it be the reason he is drilling the third water well, is the water table is low? All underground water is not pure from natural causes and when the water level is low, the water is not going to be of good quality.

Rural residents must understand there is a limited amount of ground water. Too many people moving to the country do not understand this. It is easy to blame the oil/gas industry for problems when their wells go bad.

Environmental activists are trying to stop fracturing of natural gas wells. It does not help victims of possible water contamination caused by injection wells, to claim fracturing caused it just to get pressure to pass legislation.

Wise County needs to expand public water supply to more areas because surface water has less contamination and is more reliable. Our water tables will continue to drop as the population grows and industrial use increases.

Anonymous said...

Larry has the same sized belly his son-n-law Rodney has. I don't think it's from the water though.

Anonymous said...

I can promise if the people had mineral rights we wouldn be reading about them in the paper! There are 3 new well being frac right now guess what no water troubles here!! Get a life people!!

Anonymous said...

We need an Oil & Gas Commission.
Will the good ole boy system ever disappear?
Vote in November!

Anonymous said...

6:05 words well meant but 'this guy' is a driller, has drilled some of my wells, and if I'm not mistaken, his contaminated wells are deep water, a.o.t. shallow water, which means the logical conclusion is that the driller took a risk he shouldn't have here. We'll see.

7:11 I know folks who stand to gain from all this destruction, and they're pre-testing their water, questioning every move they make, and using their cameras. Profit's profit, but Water is Life.

Anonymous said...

Larry drinks more beer than water so it shouldn't be a problem .