Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The chances of Dallas DA Craig Watkins rushing the police-officers-beating-motorcyclist cases to the grand jury for political purposes? 100%.
  • The Ranger/Tampa Bay games are at 12:37 p.m. on Wednesday and 1:37 p.m. on Thursday? Does Major League Baseball want to run itself into the ground?
  • My Saturday morning walk pic
  • Before the Texas/OU game someone suggested we walk around the block since it was so nice outside. "How sweet," I thought. When I returned I found the house outfitted in UT streamers and signs. 
  • Baylor won big on Saturday (despite a horrible turnout by apathetic students). The last time Baylor won when UT, Tech, and A&M lost was 1991.
  • I felt horrible on Saturday morning when I was jogging. A Down's syndrome kid was on the path and ran away from me as I came towards him as his mother, nearby, yelled at him to stop. I wanted to hug the kid. 
  • Football note: When it's all said and done, Michigan's QB Denard Robinson may surpass Vince Young as the greatest college football player ever.
  • Cool student trick: Iowa kids wearing alternating color shirts depending on what section they were in. But did one section not get the message? 
  • I'm getting old: Watching children playing and laughing gives rise to a peaceful feeling. 
  • I think the Family Truckster gave up the ghost this morning. Over 200,000 miles and a lot of memories. 
  • Parkland Hospital is known around the world as the best burn injury treatment facility in the world. That takes doctors. And one of their best doctors has died: In, ugh, a motorcycle crash.
  • "Texas Lawyers Divided Over 'Sex With Clients' Rule." Wait. What?
  • Two 19 year olds from Boyd were killed over the weekend in Denton County in a wreck. Hadn't heard about that until I saw it in the Update
  • Is it just me, or is it odd to refer to your son as "smoking hot"?
  • Crazy woman sues Jerry Jones for sexual assault.