Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I go outside for a second yesterday and then back in only to find both kids banished to their rooms for the night. Something about a fight over a water bottle that turned into a BIG deal. I'm glad I was outside. 
  • And then this morning everyone wakes up as happy as can be. Nighttime must be magic.
  • College girls wear those shoes to football games? (At Alabama last weekend.)
  • Story in yesterday's Star-Telegram said three police officers with Sansom Park had been fired and the police chief, Tony White, has been placed on leave with pay. I wonder if that's the same Tony White that used to be chief of police in Rhome?
  • More gold in the commercial where the little giraffe kisses the nutty guy: In the beginning, their are live dogs playing poker in the background.
  • Rick Perry has a new "border control" campaign ad. (You know, how he glares at the border menacingly as some border agent points out something in the distance.)  The only time that guy thinks about the border is at campaign time.
  • Watching a little kid sound like an adult as she chastised a little puppy is pretty cute. 
  • What closed Blue Mound Road in far northern Tarrant County last night?
  • I've got Sirius satellite radio for a three month free trial. Not bad. But I stumbled across Howard Stern this morning --- sheer radio anthrax. 
  • Horrific video yesterday of a Ukrainian lion tamer being mauled in what sounds to be a bunch of children.  Of course, poking the unrestrained animal with a stick beforehand probably didn't help matters.
  • The Tea Party candidate who once said she dabbled in witchcraft on Bill Maher's show now has a new campaign ad that starts off, "I'm not a witch." That has to be a first.
  • Wow, all those people with offices out in center field will for the first time have to purchase tickets to watch the game from their balconies. The Rangers blame Major League Baseball for the edict. Riiiighhhttt.
  • The Mayor of Arlington was on WBAP this morning talking seriously about where the parade route would be if the Rangers won the World Series (and not once did he hesitate because of potential bad karma.) Does he not remember when Laura Miller of Dallas was roasted for doing the same thing when the Mavericks were in the finals against the Heat?