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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wow: The video of the DPS trooper slamming the young girl into the side of the wall of the Dallas Tollway made me yell, "OHHHHH!!!!" last night when I first saw it.  (And the only criminal charge filed of misdemeanor assault is a joke. I've had Agg Assault cases filed with 99% less justification than that.)
  • And the criminal defense attorney, Kevin Clancy, that Fox 4 had on last night to discuss the case was as clueless as anyone I've ever seen. The wall can't be a deadly weapon? That huge scar doesn't qualify as "serious bodily injury"? Have you been in a courtroom lately?
  • If you are following the feud between a district judge in Collin County, their DA, and their District Clerk, I have this assessment: They are all crazy.
  • I've gave up hope on fixing the Family Truckster and broke down and bought a replacement: A Dodge Charger. Stylin' young, but not too young.
  • Had to plea a female client to jail sentence yesterday after she violated her DWI probation. The deal was fair, but I hated watching those tears roll down her cheeks. 
  • You don't know a beat down until you buy two cars in 10 days when you haven't had a car payment for three years.
  • There was a political rumor last night that Hillary Clinton would change places with Joe Biden on the Democratic Presidential ticket for 2012. I'd be a little nervous about Biden causing a nuclear war due to some goofy statement made while on an international trip.
  • Ugh. Baylor's basketball program almost went to the Final Four last year and now one it's best players gets arrested for allegedly breaking his girlfriend's jaw. Baylor President Ken Starr will certainly launch a multi-million dollar investigation. 
  • Not going to link to it, but the paparazzi sites covering Ice-T's and CoCo's weekend trip to the beach reveal the most wheels off bathing suit ever. 
  • Another sign the economy and President Obama are turning it around: American Airlines just announced it is recalling 800 employees, and the Dow is about to crack 11,000. 
  • It was confirmed this morning that the New England Patriots traded Randy Moss to the Vikings? I'll be. (My favorite Moss moment is when a reporter asked him how he was going to pay a $10,000 fine since he said he didn't write checks: "Straight cash, homey.")
  • That murder trial in Decatur is like an actual murder trial -- pretty interesting. And one of the largest crowds in the gallery in quite some time. 
  • Oh, yeah, the Rangers have a playoff game in Florida. During. Work. Hours.