Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Ugh: I accidentally scheduled this for 8:35 PM which caused the delay. Sorry. 
  • Bad way to start off the day
  • My movie watching has fell off a cliff. Edit: Ok, I sounded like Ron Washington on that one.
  • Heck of a Brett Favre scandal that broke on Deadspin yesterday (and it ain't family friendly).
  • The neighbor kid who is now hanging around asked me if my new car was "a rental". What's your dad been saying kid?
  • Dish Network and Fox Southwest are in a standoff and the channel (and some others) haven't been available for two or three weeks. That would drive me nuts.
  • The Tooth Fairy came to my house last night and I learned of a tradition: She typically leaves a door unlocked and one of the pictures on the wall slightly crooked. (Uh, creepy.) 
  • The two games won by the Rangers is amazing. I remember watching them at the old Arlington Stadium when I was a little kid and, unless they screw this up  -- which is possible, we're about to see them play in the American League Championship Series. I never believed it was possible. 
  • But the Florida governor did a horrible job on the first pitch.
  • "Hey, now"?
  • Two Baylor receivers were arrested last Sunday on misdemeanor marijuana charges. Yet another reason it needs to be legal. (And it'll be interesting to see if that conservative school will suspend them for the most minor of crimes.)
  • Read that one of the pigs in the pig races at the State Fair was named Amy Swinehouse.
  • I hate the word "supper". Mrs. LL says "supper" a lot. We compromise: She tries not to say it, and I bite my tongue when she does.
  • Does the "Battle of the Big Sandy" still generate as much excitement as it used to? I'm not so sure. 
  • Parking Hades in Arlington this weekend. Saturday: Aggies/Arkansas at the Death Star starts at 12:30 p.m. and Ranger game starts at 4:07 p.m. Sunday: Ranger game (if necessary) starts at 12:07 p.m. and Cowboy game starts at 3:15 p.m.
  • If I find myself with an extra 10 minutes in the morning, I clean and straighten stuff up. Something is definitely wrong with me. 
  • Motorcycle death in Irving shutdown 183 in Irving all morning. 
  • Victoria's Secret has launched a Halloween line. What took them so long?