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  • The murder trial is still going on but I think the State is close to resting. Autopsy photos were shown today and we learned the victim had a lung disease which contributed to her death. If I heard the testimony correctly, she lived for about 11 days before dying.  The bullet almost missed her as it crossed under her left breast, out, and then through right arm. But she wouldn't have died but for the internal bleeding caused by the bullet. As you might expect, her poor health is not a defense.
  • Edit: The trial is proceeding with 11 jurors. I had thought that the juror that fainted was just on the panel, not the jury. Nope. Apparently, right after the trial began he raised his hand, said he wasn't feeling well, walked out of the jury box and collapsed only to be caught by a DA investigator.
  • There's a bad wreck out on 380 (at least a tweet from the Messenger said that.)
  • Follow the Rangers at 1:37 p.m.  My sports radio buddies said this morning that Tampa Bay's pitcher has been awful all year and even worse over the last 30 days. 
Edit: Jury found the defendant guilty of capital murder late Friday Thursday afternoon. That's life without parole.  


Anonymous said...

Tech's chances are looking better and better.

Anonymous said...

according to the 'Breaking News' in the Mess Upper.....A car going to Wal-Mart was traveling eastbound on U.S. 380 when another sedan turned in front of them into Holly Ridge.

Really...a car going to Wal-Mart????

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Good for the jury in the capital murder trial. Bettie Walker was a good woman. Perhaps her family can put this behind them and begin the process of healing. Rachel, Rhonda, Lydia, and Philip - walk in peace now, knowing that justice was done.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Barry, its only THUSDAY, not Friday! However, we all WISH it was Friday!

Candy Main said...

ummm...I am pretty sure today is Thursday. Get it together BG!

Anonymous said...

The victim received death without parole.