Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Messenger sent out a tweet of Friday evening after seeing a "double rainbow all the way." Funny.
  • Emmitt Smith, known for butchering the English language, did fantastic at his Hall of Fame induction speech.
  • Jerry Rice, on the other hand, did not. (It was like listening to a little kid read a book.)
  • The Rod Blagojevich jury has been deliberating almost two weeks? Really? Any of those folks heard the term "reasonable doubt?"
  • I tried to eat at a new Mexican restaurant off of Western Center Blvd in Fort Worth on Friday night (near 377 and named Fogata(?)). Worst experience ever. Everyone (staff and customers) seemed hostile. Customers complaining everywhere. We left before even being seated.
  • It's funny to see all the cities scramble to ban the sale of "K2". Please, government, save us from ourselves!!!
  • It's cricket season.
  • Tim Tebow's shocking "welcome to the the NFL" haircut.
  • Fall from grace: Baylor alum Mark Hurd resigns as CEO of Hewlitt Packard after an investigation revealed "improper relationships."
  • Don't feel too badly for him. He made over $100 million over the last three years and is getting a severance package of over $12 million.
  • Five exhibition games for the Cowboys? (One of my longtime favorite lines comes from Dale Hansen when doing color for a preseason game in the 1990s: "When I'm on my death bead, I hope they replay the last quarter of this game because it'll feel like I'm living forever.")
  • I don't care, but a lot of people do: Emma Watson chopped her hair off.
  • I was in a Decatur grocery store on Sunday where the cashier never said a word. Not a greeting, not the price, not a thank you. Incredible.
  • Did some more moving stuff out of Mrs. LL's house on Sunday. What a beating.
  • President Obama will visit Dallas today and attend a fundraiser at the home of Russell Budd. Budd has become rich in the asbestos litigation world and is the former partner with Fred Baron (who died last year but became infamous for funding the housing of former presidential candidate John Edwards illicit lover.) I would distance.