Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Rush Limbaugh posts his wedding pics. He married a "Hey, now."
  • Rangers blew one last night. Big time. And remember when I told you yesterday that Frankie Fransisco is a train wreck? He confirmed it again.
  • And why would Cliff Lee ever re-sign with the Rangers? He can pitch anywhere in America and he'd choose to pitch in this heat? No way.
  • Nightmare: Toddler dies after snakebite at Possum Kingdom Lake.
  • By the way, that's one of the worst names ever for a lake.
  • I never heard of Bar Refaeli until about a year ago. Now the gal is in a bikini ever day on the Intertubes. And for that, I thank her.
  • Schools no longer give out "Ds"? (I've heard that on two different radio stations this week.)
  • I got to the grocery store a lot. Oddly, I kind of like it.
  • I wonder who the Decatur woman was that was killed in the one car wreck last night.
  • Fox 4 News led last night with the two day old story of the flight attendant bolting out of an airplane -- complete with an interview of a psychologist on "today's frustrated worker." Puuhleeze.
  • Ben Quayle, son of Dan, is running for political office and fires off a TV ad sounding like he lives in Wise County.