Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Rangers notes: David Murphy has been great lately (including a game winning hit against the Yankees last night in extra innings.) Reliever Frankie Francisco is a train wreck every time he takes the mound.
  • Either the Rangers will win the West or suffer one of the greatest collapse in the history of baseball. Either way, we're guaranteed to be entertained down the stretch.
  • After three attempts, I was finally able to match my generic ceiling paint for touchup work. It's not supposed to be that hard.
  • Saw a "galaxies collide" photo on CNN this morning with the report that it was 62 million light years away. Meaning, of course, that once that moment in space happened, it took 62 million years for that light to travel to our eyes. Or, put another way, we are looking 62 million years into the past. Fascinating.
  • That explanation makes me a dumb downed Stephen Hawking.
  • Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens died yesterday in a plane crash. He was remembered, among other things, for the "Bridge to Nowhere" and saying the Internet was a "series of tubes."
  • When you see people write "Intertubes," that's the source of the joke.
  • Someone made me a T-shirt.
  • Got the Family Truckster started. I bet it's good for another 30,000 miles.
  • The viral "girl quits job by using eraser board" that went around yesterday was sooooooo fake.
  • Levi Johnston is running for the Mayor of Wasilla. Godspeed, son. Godspeed.
  • Exactly 6 months ago we received the record snowfall. And me a separated shoulder.
  • I bet my electric bill is about to set a record --- especially since I haven't been able to keep the house warm during the day when I'm at work.
  • Home sale economic news always seems confusing. On the Morning News home page right now, there's a story about how second quarter pre-existing home sales rose, and the next story talks about how they "fell off a cliff" in July.
  • I think Tammy Dombeck has lost some weight.
  • It just seems too seedy to post, but Lady GaGa's crowd surfing at Lollapalooza over the weekend was insane.
  • Channel 5's Jane McGarry is going to be on The Ticket this morning at 9:15. Fox 4's Fionna is going to be on The Fan this afternoon. See, guys are obsessed with on-air females.