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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Very obscure Baylor/Tea Party News: U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul was a Noze Brother involved in "kidnapping" and weed? Sounds more like a silly prank than a news story.
  • Did you know former Dallas Cowboy coach Jimmy Johnson is 67?
  • Everyone is slapping Jerry and Jimmy on the back this weekend for "moving up" to draft Emitt Smith. But I've said it time and time again, Jimmy was after Baylor LB James Francis but had to settle for Emmitt.
  • I would like to have seen this: A flight attendant can't take rude passengers any more, deploys the inflatable slide, grabs a beer, and slides down to the tarmac and takes off. And for that, we salute you.
  • My occasional effort to keep the female readers happy.
  • Had a sweet kid moment last night. A moment of sweetness sure does buy them a lot of tolerance. Is that some trick?
  • Ugh. Car issues this morning. For the last time, I promise to get rid of the family truckster.
  • And that problem caused me to get to work early without office keys. Hello, sitting in parking lot.
  • Finally listened to this last week: The Antoine Dodson "High Your Kids, Hide Your Wife" Remix. Over six million hits so far.
  • Justin Bieber gets nailed with a water bottle. And they say there is no justice.
  • Had to go TV shopping last night. It's amazing what you can get for your money compared to 20 years ago.
  • Good news: Mortgage interest rates have never been lower. Bad news: No one can qualify.
  • Presidential visits in Dallas history: FDR once spoke to a full Cotton Bowl in 1936.