Random Thursday Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The murder/suicide involving the Coppell mayor gets weirder and weirder. She was being investigated about charges on her city issued credit card, her home had once been posted for foreclosure, and her daughter never applied to UT despite her assertions.
  • It's long and I haven't read it, but I'm intrigued by a new article in Esquire about "the fascinating story about a man who made a perfect bid on The Price is Right." It's getting a lot of buzz. I'll read it over the weekend.
  • Sadness: A couple in their 90s die after being trapped in their home elevator in Georgia.
  • OK, the oil well is capped but why did that take so long?
  • Funny line from yesterday: I think the well would have been capped a lot quicker if we would have had Mel Gibson call BP.
  • It feels like global warming to me.
  • Promo: This is the last weekend for the play Tuesdays With Morrie being performed in Decatur. Liberally Lean is actually sponsoring Saturday night. Doesn't mean I'll show up in public, but you should go and make me proud. Represent.
  • Today is Phoebe Cates' birthday. Celebrate by slowly getting out of a pool.
  • Waste of time: Dallas police used who knows how many tax dollars yesterday conducting a prostitution sting operation in Oak Cliff that netted four arrests.
  • This video of a fight in a Burger King parking lot in Oakland has been floating around all week. It's the craziest thing you've ever seen (assuming you normally don't see pregnant people, hookers, and dope smoking pimps fight every day.) Warning: I watched it without the audio because my computer was screwed up but, from viewing the chaos, I'm guessing an EXTREME language warning should be issued.
  • I came up on a multi car wreck on I-30 near downtown Fort Worth yesterday afternoon. There were two people in a pickup that didn't look like they were moving, but I haven't seen anything in the news about it. Man, that's so unnerving.