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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Mayor of Coppell was found shot to death in her home along with her 19 year old daughter last night. (Fox 4 said "murder/suicide" had not been ruled out and kept saying "police are not looking for any suspects".)
  • Right out of law school, I had a once-a-month gig as the night court city prosecutor for Cockrell Hill. I had no idea what I was doing.
  • There was a small plane crash in Hood County last night killing three.
  • There was another small plane crash outside of Krum last night killing none.
  • I don't believe in unexplained "sudden acceleration" in vehicles.
  • As a kid, I remember the grocery store cashier having to pick up the can, read the printed price of of it, and then key it in to the cash register manually. And the best of them could work as fast as lightening.
  • The iPhone 4's antenna/reception problem (which prompted Consumer Reports to issue a "don't buy" conclusion), is the first major blunder for Apple in recent memory. And the company is so arrogant that it refuses to even address the issue.
  • Eight American soldiers killed in last two days in Afghanistan. And all we've done is push the Taliban into the mountains of Pakistan where we aren't allowed to go.
  • Bristol Palin is marrying that Levi guy after all?
  • The George Steinbrenner coverage was a little over the top yesterday.
  • My right eye is watering like it's the Pink Eye, but I'm guessing it'll go away quickly.
  • Spent a little time in a piano bar on vacation and was shocked to have a new appreciation for Billy Joel.
  • I refuse to eat at Margaritaville because of my disdain for Jimmy Buffett.
  • I've started some inside house painting projects. This will be a scene.
  • Penelope Cruz and the bad guy from No Country For Old Men got married.