Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We've got a funny assault case going on in the County Court at Law. Whenever a case involves a horse, three 911 calls, a videotape, and a woman allegedly kicking a guy in the nether regions, you've got some grade A entertainment going on.
  • Funny tweet I saw yesterday: "Lost was the 55th most-watched finale ever, right behind Mr. Belvedere." And it's true.
  • The Super Bowl will be going to NY/NJ, but it took owners four votes to get there. (I almost lost my house on that bet.)
  • If you engage in pre-martial sex, you're dating Hitler. Wait, what?
  • A guy called The Fan yesterday and supported the death penalty even if it occasionally results in the innocent being executed. He called it "acceptable collateral damage." I almost drove off the road
  • It's hot with no wind today. Those conditions used to be called an "Ozone Action Day" which, 15 years ago, would always cause a buddy of mine to call me and say, "Let's go skiing this afternoon!"
  • I've about pulled off a Jamaica vacation in July and then yesterday 29 people were killed there when the cops tried to capture a "drug lord." Great. The War on Drugs is going to ruin my vacation.
  • I probably should have made a separate post of for DISD Superintendent Gindt getting a job at Northwest ISD. You boys love talking about that stuff.
  • Katrina and the Oil Disaster are completely different. The government can evacuate people. The government can't plug a well when all the great minds in the industry can't.
  • Fox News edited out 12 seconds of applause while President Obama was giving the commencement address at West Point. Incredible.
  • I had another encounter with the Lost Guy That Can't Speak English yesterday, and it was so bizarre that it'll get it's own post later.
  • Isn't it amazing how boring the above the fold feature is? No wonder newspapers are going bust.