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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We've got a funny assault case going on in the County Court at Law. Whenever a case involves a horse, three 911 calls, a videotape, and a woman allegedly kicking a guy in the nether regions, you've got some grade A entertainment going on.
  • Funny tweet I saw yesterday: "Lost was the 55th most-watched finale ever, right behind Mr. Belvedere." And it's true.
  • The Super Bowl will be going to NY/NJ, but it took owners four votes to get there. (I almost lost my house on that bet.)
  • If you engage in pre-martial sex, you're dating Hitler. Wait, what?
  • A guy called The Fan yesterday and supported the death penalty even if it occasionally results in the innocent being executed. He called it "acceptable collateral damage." I almost drove off the road
  • It's hot with no wind today. Those conditions used to be called an "Ozone Action Day" which, 15 years ago, would always cause a buddy of mine to call me and say, "Let's go skiing this afternoon!"
  • I've about pulled off a Jamaica vacation in July and then yesterday 29 people were killed there when the cops tried to capture a "drug lord." Great. The War on Drugs is going to ruin my vacation.
  • I probably should have made a separate post of for DISD Superintendent Gindt getting a job at Northwest ISD. You boys love talking about that stuff.
  • Katrina and the Oil Disaster are completely different. The government can evacuate people. The government can't plug a well when all the great minds in the industry can't.
  • Fox News edited out 12 seconds of applause while President Obama was giving the commencement address at West Point. Incredible.
  • I had another encounter with the Lost Guy That Can't Speak English yesterday, and it was so bizarre that it'll get it's own post later.
  • Isn't it amazing how boring the above the fold feature is? No wonder newspapers are going bust.


Anonymous said...

Who got canned at the City of Bridgeport...details?

Anonymous said...

i remember Bush live the friday before katrina hit saying "get out"
while Ray Nagan was gamblin in vegas. but the chocolate city wasnt lisntin the were busy watchin oprah, waiting on theyre checks.

i dont think Obama can do anything about the oil spill, but you need to a least be honest about Bush and Katrina

jim said...

another good day of pics.. good but not great thoughts but not that great of links. (even though the hitler one was greatness)


Scott said...

Bush had vehicles there in New Orleans to evacuate before Katrina. They also encouraged people to leave on their own. Unfortunately, the idiots did not listen to what they said.

Imagine if, instead of sending in rescue crews after Katrina hit, Bush spent the next 37 days holding hearings, committee meetings, etc. instead of actually doing rescues. The media would have been all over him for that.

It took the media awhile, but they are starting to turn on Obama and question his leadership in this. If he doesn't want to lead this then just turn it over to Bobby Jindal and others who actually desire leading the recovery effort instead of wasting time trying to blame the oil companies, Bush, etc for the disaster.

Anonymous said...

Great pic. I can't take my eyes off the girl on the left where her bikini bottom is away from her waist.

True on the Ozone Action Day and playing in the sun 15-20 years ago. are not being very diverse or tolerant of the poor, underdog druglords. Show your compassion and get there and spend your money. They really need the support.

Oil Disaster..the government can't even run the post office. That's why no one is asking them on how to plug the leak.

I also disagree that the gov. can evacuate people. I wouldn't rely on them no matter who is pres.

The Lost Guy....if you hadn't figured it out by now, he wants money. Help the poor soul out.

US Navy + killer whale + torpedo shoot = plugged hole.

Anonymous said...

Above the fold....boring any day.

wordkyle said...

#1 - Let's see, New Orleans is essentially a city in a bowl below sea level. The federal government has been working with state and local officials in the region since the late 1960s on major hurricane and flood relief efforts. In the ten years prior to Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers spent nearly half a billion dollars to shore up levees and build pumping stations. Yet Bush, personally, is held responsible for...what? Not evacuating people from a submerged bowl city that somehow squandered hundreds of millions of dollars on levees and pumps that didn't work? (That is, the people who had not evacuated themselves in the three days between the first warnings of how severe the storm would be and its actual landfall.) If Bush can be held responsible for a situation that thousands of others neglected before him, then it's certainly just as fair to hold Obama responsible for his administration's lack of response to the oil problem.

#2 - Your caller to The Fan's definition of "collateral damage" might also apply to those people who die at the hands of murderers who are released/escape from incarceration. (Here are some examples.) A moral and ethical dilemma: Which is worse, to execute a not-guilty person, or to release a guilty person who goes on to kill others? (Someone is prison is ALWAYS a possible beneficiary of a clerical glitch or legal changes, so everyone in prison is potentially free.)

mzchief said...

To Barry...
Are you REALLY surprised by the lengths to which the Jamaican police will go to thwart your travel plans and keep you off the island?


The Devil said...

Jamaica...I just spit my coffee everywhere. Have you ever been to Jamaica...just about the nastiest place that is considered a vacation destination. Go back to Costa Rica or Belize anywhere, pitch a tent in your backyard and hire a butler for week.
You folks that like to travel places and "be amongst the people and culture" kill me! Ok, the people are nasty, medical services not so good, transportation very dangerous, cities run down and distraught...what part of fun and relaxing is that. What you need to do is find a nice 5 star resort somewhere in a secure place with a nice beach, you can still be among the people when they bring you a Mai Tai or a Dirty Monkey, massage you with hot stones, bring you at towel, etc.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dr. Gindt for his new job!

chupacabra said...

Uh, dude- you gotta know as was alluded to in the video you linked: the simple answer probably works best here- the feed Fox would have probably came from the mic which the Pres was using- which wouldddddd be engineered to CANCEL background noise, such as hold it now- applause!
Ha, silly Barry being liberal doesn't mean you have to throw out all your common sense and rational thought skills, does it?

Scott said...

Chupacabra -

You should know better than to try to confuse a liberal with the FACTS!

Anonymous said...

President Obama standing looking around like he was lost; they probably just thought his tel-a-prompter was not working and he was not intellect enough to say the next line, maybe?

Candance said...

Everyone wants to be in Northwest ISD. It's where all the cool people hang out.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Hmmmm... I think I will post my own, Wednesday Morning Random thoughts.

> Tom Hicks continues to beat me down in ever creative ways. Between he, Leigh Steinburg, Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras a.k.a. the AntiChrist, I get less interested in pro sports each day.

> The heat is beginning to settle in, but those two months of Spring we had were awesome.

> Chupacabra? City Mascot? Recall Election?

> I am still stoked about the ending of Lost. The show had a great run and made for good TV. I have read a lot of complaints about the ending, with most of them centering around the failure of the writers to reveal more of the secrets. Ummm... the ENTIRE show was about mysteries. All the big ones were revealed. If you are really serious about needing to know where "mother" came from, perhaps you should have watched Scooby Doo instead.

> Its pretty amazing more people don't understand how difficult it is to drill for oil a mile under the ocean. I think I take for granted the knowledge of all the people I know who work in oil and gas.

> The Space Shuttle Atlantis has finished up its last flight. Two more flights left in the schedule and we will close the book on the most controversial program in our manned spaceflight history.

> I predict spray tanning will be more popular than tanning beds by the end of this summer. Faster, and instant gratification.

chupacabra said...

Oh, BTW Jack O Lantern- when I'm killed in a tragic vehicle accident this afternoon my families last memory of me will be that while they're away at work and school I sit at home and evidently watch videos of furries since that's what pops up after watching the retarded teen wolves of San Antonio video!

Anonymous said...

I'm with The Devil on the vacation deal. Never got it why anyone wanted to go to Mexico or any other nasty smelly foreign country where you can't drink or eat without getting sick and you're constantly pestered by nasty snotty little filty kids wanting you to buy some piece of trash! Why not go to a beautiful beach in Florida, go see the lighthouses in New England, or go to the most beautiful place on earth...Alaska? There are lots of places to go without going to a nasty third world dump.

Anonymous said...

Katrina gives me tired head.

Same storm hit Mississippi with a storm surge of approximately 30 ft. If you had driven the area before and compared it to now you will see lots of hard working folks still getting things done and moving forward, after total devastation. Same day you can drive through New Orleans and you will still see a few blue roofs. No large amount of beechin from Mississippi that I remember.

Now these same hard working folks, who picked themselves off the ground and rebuilt, are going to deal with black beaches and ruined fisheries for the next few years.

My grip is, if this were a gas explosion in, say, the gumbo shale (play pretend with me) near downtown NO that could not be stopped, every government employee would be sitting there watching the thing, because that city and its people do not have the capability to help themselves. Same with the Valdez spill in Alaska, they cleaned those beaches, shouldn't the government have some expectation that this type of disaster is going to happen and take control of what they can immediately, not just blame the obvious.

There has to be some political damage to Obama, it is his watch and they started out just pointing fingers, totally unprepared imo. Just watch Salazar in the news conference, does that inspire confidence they have done every thing possible for the folks of Ms, Alabama, Florida and La.

Nope. Gives blackend redfish a new meaning.

Football guru

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Gindt will find success at Northwest. He became a pawn in the hands of the "status quo" in Decatur. They can't use him as an excuse any longer. Someone needs to stand up and take control. Alan White is just the person. Pray for Decatur and RUN!

Anonymous said...

Speedo Man out in his yard!!!!!

The Devil said...

Blackened Redfish, that's crude!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Hitler add... really gonna work! HA... when is this abstinence stuff going to end? THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT! Most of them will in fact do it. I dont care what any statistic says. Im around these teens all day everyday and you should hear some of the things I hear! We need to quit preaching abstinence and start teaching prevention before more and more kids end up with babies or STDs.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to hear the real BG explain how the government can evacuate people who don't want to be evacuated. And make the explanation not smack of liberal hypocrisy.

-Fake Barry Green

Anonymous said...

Can't believe we haven't heard about the shake up at Bridgeport City hall. Someone knows something...
Please share.

Anonymous said...

12:04 - all you need to do is make one call to former mayor Majka. He will talk and talk and talk and talk some more and say absolutely nothing relevant.

McComis is handling it well. NO COMMENT until the investigation is over.

I like his style.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC edited in 12 seconds of applause while President Obama was giving the commencement address at West Point. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Katrina: just a bunch of lazy-a$$ black folks who were too dumb to evacuate when told to do so, then blaming someone else when they got caught with their "pants down" so to speak. You don't get what you deserve. SURVIVIAL OF THE FITTEST....

Teen sex: I too am around young folks all day and they speak openly of things I never tried in all my 40 plus years and only heard about in racy novels! You are correct, 11:52...they need to hear about birth control and STD prevention, not some futile preaching about abstinence, cuz it just "ain't" gonna happen.

B'port: city been going down the tube since city fathers decided to support a losing entity, namely the "doctors' hospital". It's bleeding us dry and no one seems to see that.

Anonymous said...

Will you buy my wife a new car?

Anonymous said...

RWMT = Pop Tarts

11:27 - Tired head is better than no head at all...where can I meet this Katrina?

Anonymous said...

How is Bridgeport putting money in the hospital?They could sell some of the police cars and buy some asphalt.When I asked the previous mayor why we had so many his remark was(you can't beleive what a good deal we get on them)duh.I guess if he found bread on sale he would buy an hundred loaves.Give Keith a chance pleaseDAGO

Anonymous said...

When I see girls like this I can hear the tatoo /puncture groupe saying;why isn't someone taking my photo?

Anonymous said...

"government can evacuate people" -- only when they WANT to leave. Remember all of those people who were asked to leave, and yet remainded there?

Anonymous said...

I took a capital punishment seminar last spring and our professor (a former capital prosecutor) compared the death penalty - and accidental execution of an occasional innocent person - to an ambulance. The ambulance may accidentally run over an innocent person and kill them, but that doesn't mean we should get rid of all ambulances. Crazy, huh? We all thought she was nuts.