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Rangers Playlist For Their Upcoming "Sing--a-long" Fireworks Show

A grumpy old white man's review:
1) "Hey, Ya" - Starts off strong. But the crowd will never be able to pull of that catchy clap routine. (And I should note that this is the most contemporary song on the list -- and it came out seven years ago.)
2) CCR? OK, let's appease our older demographic for a moment. Although "Centerfield" seems to be a more logical selection.
3) 20 years ago I declared, strongly, that the opening beats of "Margaritaville" made me want to reach for a pistol. And it's only gotten worse.
4) Buttercup - Fun because it reminds me of the ending credits to There's Something About Mary
5) I like Journey, but can we run this song into the ground anymore than we can over the last two years?
6) Twist & Shout: It was fun in Ferris Beuller. Now? Meh.
7) Garth - Shoot me.
8) Eagles? This is building up to their big finish? I've hated that band since "Hotel California"
9) Kiss? That's the big finish? Really. Is everyone in the stadium over 45 and white and have bad taste?


Anonymous said...

My review?
Take yours and flip it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're a really positive guy.

It must suck to be you. Short and grumpy.

Crappy way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

You got something agains white people?

Don't be talking trash on The Eagles or Don Henley. Just don't.

Same for Garth, just not quite so much.

And really, where are you gonna get a pistol?

Robert said...

8 - Eagles
They didn't do Hotel California!! That was Wings! I know, Eagles have wings, but its 2 separate bands.

Robert said...

Wait, yer right, Hotel california was eagles. I'm gonna have another drink.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz Barry. Quit trying to sound like a prick and just enjoy the damned show.

Anonymous said...

Your profile indicates you don't care that much anymore.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone "hate" The Eagles?? Preposterous!

mzchief said...

Soooo, did you sing-along?

Anonymous said...

Barry,I think you are severely depressed. Have you stopped taking your meds?

Denton said...

Funny, I'm only 23 but I love all those songs. Though Hey ya is probably at the lower end of the list for me, along with Garth. Still two great songs in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

What.....No Stairway??? You gotta have Stairway.

Double Fake Robert Plante

Anonymous said...

Anything by Jimmy Buffet makes me want to reach for a rifle and climb a water tower.
His music is proof of the devolution of man.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't get any further than that imbicile Buffet.
You're right- Garth? OMG, how did he not cause the planet to implode years ago?

RJK said...

Sad that you feel that way about every song, you must be depressed. Simon Cowell looks like an eternal optimist compared to you.

Anonymous said...

Barry Green's Secret Playlist....

1. Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue

2. Hair of the Dog - Nazareth

3. Big Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce

4. Whip It - Devo

5. I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

6. Money for Nothing - Dire Straits

7. Running Through the Jungle - CCR

8. Chick-A-Boom - Daddy Dewdrop

9. Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Anonymous said...

5:45 Right on Man!

Anonymous said...

Can you dig it? i can.

Anonymous said...

10. For those about to rock. AC/DC

Anonymous said...