Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Shocking bull fight over the weekend. Warning: Hard to watch.
  • I went to the Rangers game yesterday --- first time in about six years. Hot. Fun.
  • I was sitting near a guy that looked like the killer in No Country For Old Men. When a Cubs fan nearby was being obnoxious, we pictured that guy pulling out a pneumatic nail gun. Funny visual.
  • And a buddy and I had a conversation with an older lady about the virtues of Brett Michaels. Yep.
  • And we also debated over whether a freckled girl looked like Linday Lohan. ("She does." "No she doesn't." "Yes, she does!")
  • Oh, yeah. I did watch the game.
  • That was an incredible story this weekend about Jordan Spieth, the sixteen year old golfer that finished 16th at the Byron Nelson. I heard him on the radio before the tournament and he seemed like a nice, respectful kid.
  • I intend to follow the World Cup this year.
  • Dead Brittany Murphy's husband found dead.
  • I have read two reviews of the Lost finale last night, and I still don't know what happened.
  • Not what her parents pictured when she was a little baby: A 15 year old Highland Park student is in ICU with alcohol poisoning (a .40!).
  • Saw that a Decatur lady passed away over the weekend. She was 101.
  • The new Nike three minute World Cup ad is fascinatingly slick, and I'm not sure I understand it.