Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I got to help a guy who spoke no English yesterday as he was walking around looking for an address. It was fun because I used my iPhone to find the address and then let him look at the map as we tried to communicate.
  • In-N-Out burger is coming to Garland. I've heard of White Castle, but I'm not so sure about In-N-Out.
  • The 2014 location of the Super Bowl will be announced today. Best the house on New York and its new stadium.
  • Bizarre: 10 gunman rob 11 jewelry stores in Baghdad and kill 14.
  • Why do I suspect that those who so proudly proclaim that we invaded Iraq to "bring freedom to those people" probably wouldn't care enough about a Muslim living in the U.S. to give them the time of day. (Or directions.)
  • For my own satisfaction: Nemeses Ann Curry screws up a commencement address.
  • Lindsay Lohan seems like a tormented, and drunken, soul.
  • Forgot to mention this yesterday: Former Ticket and Boyd resident Greg "The Hammer" Williams has a new radio job/gig.
  • I don't care if the leak is a mile under the ocean, there is no one on the face of this Earth that knows how to stop it?
  • I promise there have been four people in the last 24 hours that have pulled out in front of me on 287 and decided to drive 30 mph. [Edit @ commentor: What in the heck does texting have to do with that?]
  • Matt Purke was drafted in the first round by the Texas Rangers last year but turned down an offer of $4 million and enrolled in TCU. Although he just finished the regular season at 11-0 and named the Mountain West Player of the Year, I'll paraphrase Dale Hansen from a few years back: "If the that kid is so dumb he'll turn down $4 million, he needs to go to college."
  • This story was primarily about a lawyer asking a Jew an improper question in a trial in East Texas, but the federal judge's instruction to the jury almost shocked me as much.
  • The Amityville Horror house is up for sale. Not the movie set, the house where six people were murdered which was the basis for the movie (which I never saw.) You would think it could be used as a pop culture Bed & Breakfast.
  • I saw a "breaking news" tweet yesterday from CNN that the bassist from Slipknot had died. Not knowing who they were, I googled one of their songs. Good grief. Talk about deviltry.
  • And although it's not fair, if Sarah Palin ever has a political opponent she'll get to see a commercial which flashes two images back and forth: Here shrieking, "Drill, baby, drill!" spliced with pics of the oil spill in the gulf.
  • Walmart just dropped the price of th iPhone 3GS to $97.